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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

January Vintage Show Top 20 - #5 Oh, because this one is...

Ok, Time for vintage. Here's an old card.

Gawd, this card is a mess. Giant crease, the corners are garbage, big stain right on the top, it's an oddball set, what the hell is up with those borders? Ugh.

OH WAIT. It's a 1960 Fleer Ted Williams card. Guess how much I paid? Here's a hint: the price starts with "Five" and ends in "bucks".

Just think, there's four more cards to go!

Here's the complete list of Top 20 posts. See if you can guess what cards are coming up!

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#5 - Oh, because this one is...
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Slangon said...

That's weird. I have a couple of cards from that set and they don't have those crazy wide side borders.

What's weirder is that on the old Virtual Card Collection page for that set, Teddy Ballgame is the only card done like that.

I wonder what the deal is.

bailorg said...

Yeah, I still prefer the Musial.

Ted Williams or not, this card is just plain ugly.

dayf said...

I agree, this card is hideous. I really liked '60 Fleer when I was a kid (probably because of cheap vintage Hall of Famers) and the first time I saw the Ted Williams card I was confused, intrigued, shocked, horrified, curious and impressed all at once. Why the HELL are the borders like that? It gnawed at me and when I saw it in a bargain box for five bucks I almost crapped myself. That's why it beat out Musial.

Hell, if it weren't so butt-ugly It might have been #2 or #3 on the list.

AdamE said...

I read that you didn't get anything for your fellow bloggers. You can mark that off your list with this card... I have a new address though so email me first.