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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little help please

There are two things I hate like damn - not having time to post regularly, and not knowing the answer to a card-related question. Today I am going to try to kill two birds with one stone with this post.

Mario over at The Wax Morgue has a question: what the hell card is Jose Canseco ruining in this photo?

When Mario first tweeted this question, I was all "I got this". Then I took a good look and I don't got this. Here's a blowed up picture of the card:

Someone needs to get all CSI up in this bitch. ENHANCE! Can anyone out there figure out what card this is?


Spankee said...

It's a trick question. That's Ozzie Canseco.

Nathan said...

Is that Palmeiro next to him? They last played together in Texas in '93, which would probably mean the card is from before that time.

Assuming they were teammates at the time the photo was taken.

Don said...

Massive Guess here: 1994 Triple Play


Pitt the Elder said...

The mustached man looks more like Wade Boggs to me. Maybe they were on a promotional tour for that Simpsons episode?

P-town Tom said...

I flipped through about 1000 different eBay listing pictures from 1993 and earlier. I'm convinced that's Palmeiro next to him. I couldn't come up with a match.

May I throw a hypothesis out there? The picture is of a young Phungo with Canseco and Palmeiro. Canseco is inspected the back of the card because he has never been witness to 1/1 Phungo card before. Even in his early days Phungo did tremendous work.

Just throwing it out there to see if it sticks to the wall.

Pitt the Elder said...

Respectfully disagree about it being Palemiro. The chin-butt looks awfully Boggs-esque:


Anyway, Canseco's Cosby sweater is more late-80's than early-90's, which is when he and Palmeiro became teammates. That's another reason I think it's Boggs; some type of some late '80's All-Star shindig, perhaps.

Jason T. Carter said...

I assumed the guy next to him was just the guy who sits there to make sure no one tries to get more than 1 autograph. You know, the heavy.

I got nothin' on the card.

JT, The Writer's Journey

Billy Suter said...

It's definitely Boggs next to him. Jose is looking at the back of the card. The front of the card has a full-bleed photo on it, and the back appears to be vertically oriented judging from the way he's holding the card. Could it be one of the Topps Glossy Send-ins?

Sascards67 said...

Boggs and Canseco were in the all-star game in 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1992. I keep feeling that this is 1988 for some reason but can't really pin it down.

Don said...

The photo is from an Allentown, PA paper. This is probably a winter card show at a local VFW hall, or something like that.

Sascards67 said...

99% sure that the case in the background is 1989 Topps with 45c pack price so I would say 1989 would be the best guess on the year of the photo.

Baseball Nut said...

Looks like a with a dark photo on one side and a light one on the other. Only card of his that I know that is like that is his 1989 Fleer "40/40" card, #628. Front is horizontal with two pictures, back is vertical with a large multi-paragraph write up in tiny letters. Might be the first time he is seeing that card.

Play at the Plate said...

That's definitely not Palmeiro. I'm going to say it's one of those Pro Set Super Star Cards of Madonna. He's thinking, "been there, done that."

Billy Suter said...

Baseball Nut is right. Check this out for comparison:


Pretty damn close.

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome. Thank you.


Cory said...

That card is just too big to be the '89 Fleer card.

It looks like a pitcher throwing a pitch.

Here's a zoomed in, contrasted shot: