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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

COMC J-Hey Lineage swag

I make a Monty Python reference and IT'S A PONY. I need help
All righty then. Time to show off more stuff. I got Jason Heyward's autograph a few months ago and I can honestly say he is a big man. And not big as in wide like me, I man the dude is BIG. So for a big dude, here's a big card.

The three time wasters I enjoy the most right now is Atlanta Braves baseball, drawing ponies and hating on Topps Lineage. GAWD that set was awful. However, I friggin love all the inserts. Hey, when did I ever make any sense? The COMC haul was full of Heyward cards and a few were inserts from my least favorite set. Here we have one of the 1964 Topps Giant box toppers of Heyward.

I have no idea how I'm gonna store this thing with the rest of my Heywards but damn it looks good. It's a pretty darn good facsimile of one of the originals from '64. Plus it uses the word precocious in reference to a baseball player the size of a linebacker, which amuses me.

 WoooOOOooo! Three Dee! Scary, eh kids? This one is based on the 1968 Topps 3D test issue which came out two years before Kellogg's got into the 3D act. If you want an original from '68 you better have serious cash, these things are hard as hell to find. There's a Roberto Clemente up for sale at Robert Edwards Auctions, so get bidding! This one was much more affordable and looks really funky when scanned.

Last but not least is the Heyward version of a 1964 Topps Stand-Up insert. These are one of my favorite oddballs from the '60s and I almost wish I had gotten two so I could stand one of 'em up. The photo choice reminds me of a blogger discussion from a few years back "do butts belong on baseball cards?" I'm sure the naysayers would not approve of this card at all. I'm personally ok with them if presented in the proper context of gameplay, but I do think that this right here is gratuitous. The dirty uniform fetishists might disagree. Man this post got weird fast. Damn you Lineage!!!


Sascards67 said...

My eyes hurt from trying to focus on the 3D!

McCann Can Triple said...

He is a lot bigger in person.