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Monday, April 30, 2012

Joy of a Twice-Completed Team Set

Back in January when I was preparing for the vintage show I did a reality check on my Braves team set needs. My ever-increasingly out of date online wantlists showed I had completed the 1970 Topps Braves team set. But...... when I checked the binder it was missing card 413, Sonny Jackson. Now, I could see that card in my head. Sonny with the glasses doing the fake bunt pose. Wasn't in the binder, though. No clue where it was. I assumed that I had just misplaced the card and looked through some stuff. Didn't find it. Looked through some more stuff, still didn't find it. Eventually - knowing full well I had that damn card somewhere - I ended up buying it for something like 30 cents on COMC. Found my other copy literally the same day the COMC package arrived. Oh well, I've got one for my 1970 Topps set now. Here's the whole shebang, even though I may have posted it already a few years ago.

Oh wait, I already had a Sonny Jackson card in my 1970 Topps set.



Captain Canuck said...

you can never have too many Sonny Jacksons.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

I've haven't blogged in several weeks due to "wantlist gremlins". Almost done.