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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Joy of Six Completed Pages

The Collective Troll picked up my idea for an Allen & Ginter mini FrankenSet and ran with it. Ran so much that his is already pretty much finished. He accumulated a fair number of dupes and sent a few my way to help finish mine out. Behold: 36 minis from the Troll:

Out of the 36 we had a 50% success ratio for filling up holes in the set. There were also a handful of upgrades too! Will all those holes being plugged I had a fair amount of pages getting completed. Here's just over a quarter of a complete A&G FrankenSet.

I'm down to only needing 22 cards to complete and I have a large pile of minis that didn't make the cut. If you could use some of them, let me know.


Captain Canuck said...

you got a list for these 22? It's not under A&G project nor the Set wantlist section...


dayf said...

No one's getting a want list from me until I mail off all my overdue packages. I'm embarrassed by how long I've sat on yours.

Captain Canuck said...

well at least it should be nice and warm.