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Monday, April 2, 2012

More Completed Sticker Pages

These are from 2011, obviously. No completed 2012 sticker pages yet. I held off on posting these until I got my package mailed to Long Fly Ball to Because off since he completed two of them. No 'before' scan because a) I don't know where they are since I'm trying to reorganize my image folders and b) I don't have time to look for 'em. I got sloppy with the scanning too. Hey! I didn't get off work until an hour ago! this was a long day!

I just stuck these stickers earlier this afternoon and I have no idea which stucker I sticked. I'm not even 100% that I completed the Nats page... pretty sure I stuck Grady Sizemore. Wait, that page isn't even finished. I'M SO CONFUSED.

White Sox page I know I finished. Carlos Quentin finished this one up. Braves fans were calling for Frank Wren to trade for Q all offseason to fill our hole in left field. For the second year in a row, Frank filled that hole by trading for a slugging infielder and parking Prado back out in left. Hey, it almost worked last year...

I have no idea who completed this page with the Zobrist sticker because I found it inside a top loader that had an Allen & Ginter Ascent of Man card in it. What can I say, I'm disorganized. Thanks whoever sent me that sticker!

Only eleven stickers to go for the set, may as well list 'em here for posterity since I don't know what I did with my old want list:
11 J Ellsbury
22 A-Rod
24 R Cano
60 O Cabrera
98 J Mathis
172 P Polanco
225 G Jones
230 C Stover
255 J Herrera
257 C Ianetta
261 A Ethier

I do have some 2012 stickers... if I can get my act together you might even see some of 'em tomorrow...


unclemoe said...

Cool. I bought the book and a few packs of stickers but haven't done anything win them yet.


topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Why, that's the biggest Nationals collection I've ever seen! *snicker chortle cough* :D