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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Old School Heritage and New School Ponies - Part 2

Ok, so the inclusion of Pretty Party Ponies in the last 1963 Topps card post was apparently a hit, so I'm going to blatantly pander to you all and include ponies in every post. Aren't you excited!!!

Here's another '63 Topps card I bought instead of a pack of 2012 Heritage.

Augh! A Cub! I must make fun of Cubs right now because I am angry because I can't see 75% of Braves games on Atlanta TV but every friggin Cubs game is on WGN  and I have a Deep Dark Cub Secret I have delayed in admitting to in public. Hint: eventually I'll have to post another video on Youtube. Three things I really like about this card:

1/88th of a 1963 Topps first series set
That freaky blank stare cubbie logo amuses me.

Oddity: of the 4 green-bordered cards I got in this '63 Binge this is the only one with a yellow circle for the inset photo. I'm too lazy to go check my set to see how uncommon that is, but I like the combo.

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Tom said...

I had the mlb.tv package and got EVERY Braves game and none of the Cubs. Stupid blackouts. Maybe we should trade homes or allegiances.