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Friday, April 20, 2012

Old School Heritage and New School Ponies - Part 9

Today has not gone quite as expected and I do not particularly appreciate Google's little joke of COMPLETELY revamping Blogger's post creation page on 4/20 but I'mma post something today if it kills me. Here's Pinkie Pie enjoying the holiday a little too much instead of collecting cards like a good pony.

And here's a 1963 Rookie Stars card from 1963. Don't laugh, there actually were 1962 Rookie Stars cards from 1963.

Angels,Colt .45s Twins and Mets. Four (mostly) brand spankin' new teams at the time. Don't know who any of these dudes are and don't have time to go hunting for them on the interwebs but I do appreciate the floaty heads.

No where the hell did Blogger put their labels....

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