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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some COMC swag

Swag means something different nowadays from what it meant when I was a kid but oh well.

Every 8 months or so I get drunk and spend a Jackson over on Check Out My Cards. This happened once again a couple of weeks ago. Someone on Twitter mentioned there were cheap Rickey Henderson rookies on COMC, I checked it out, started wandering about the site, found a card I had to have or ELSE and ended up picking out a handful of cardboard to have shipped to my house. A combination of busyness and confusion and procrastination has left me with a death of ideas for posting (well, other than the dozens of posts stuck in my draft folder) so let's go ahead and show them off. To go with Rainbow Dash, here's a...

Rainbow Medlen. Twilight Diamond Sparkle, Transmogrifier Set parallel and Liquorfractor. Instant Meds Rainbow Starter Set. Of course now I need to track down the Gold border, Black border, Blue Sparkle and any other weird parallels that are out there but I'm off to a good start at least!