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Monday, April 9, 2012

January Vintage Show Top 20 - #14 Clubbed Cub

Top 20 January Vintage show post... in April. Aww yeah, the blog is a trainwreck. I don't even remember half the cards I bought anymore so each post will be a surprise for us all! If I recall correctly, Roger planned to have another show in Atlanta this Spring, but the website's down so I'll have to wait for the little green postcard to know for sure. I'm slightly broke at the moment since I splurged and dropped a $20 on Check Out My Cards when I found something I'd never seen before so hopefully there will be more vintage next month. Hopefully I'll be in the top 10 by then... Ok, here's #14 out of 26 cards what were picked up at the Vintage showback when the NFL playoffs were still going on.

1964 Topps Ernie Banks in broken in condition. If it weren't for the hideous orangey pink grapefruity looking backs '64 Topps might be my favorite of the '60s. The design is sharp. Big bold team name on top, a bar with the player name an position at the bottom and a big photo in the middle. AND THAT'S IT. Done. Don't need much more than that. Most of the pics are nice big portraits too. I've learned to really appreciate the old style portraits on cards after 15 years of almost nothing but action shots on Topps cards. Oh look, the pitcher is pitching. Oh look, the batter is batting. Oh look, the same pose 98 times in the same set. Oh look, I'm falling asleep. Gimmie a big 'ol portrait like Ernie's here.

353 homers for Ernie by the time this card was printed. Ok, so the card is beat all to hell. Someone even rubbed a coin on the back to get the quiz answer. But it's ERNIE. And this card was dirt cheap too. My memory is fuzzy but I think it was only a couple bucks. You want this card or a retail pack of Topps? Fine, it's in terrible condition. Big crease on the top, big chunk out of the side and the corners aren't anymore. It's ERNIE. I'm a certified Cub hater after an unfortunate chain of events in 2003 and even I can't get enough Ernie.

One thing defined my card show experience and that was that my wantlists were a disaster. I didn't specifically have any '64 wantlists with me so I picked up this one on faith even though I knew I had to already have one already. Can you believe I didn't have this card? I couldn't. To this day I still think I have one of these somewhere but it's probably just an Archives card or one from the Yo Momma Threw Out set. Still worth it even if it was a double. IT'S ERNIE.

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Sascards67 said...

I picked up a bunch of 1964 Topps Braves at the last show I went to and a Don Zimmer from a friend recently. This set is really starting to grow on me as my favorite from the 1960's.

Hackenbush said...

Ernie looks very serene here.

Robert said...

I would have absolutely no problem adding that to my growing '64 set collection