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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Turner Field - Baseball cards

Baseball cards at Turner Field! Gotta show 'em! Even though they were all in cases and didn't photograph very well!

When you walk into the Braves Hall of Fame Museum there's a big display of vintage cards. And by Vintage I mean nothing more recent than a 1982 Topps Phil Niekro. One oddity is there are two cards of Bobby Cox including the only card that is not from Topps, a 1981 Fleer card.

Here's the catchers in a consecutive run from 1962 to 1964. Note that the sublime 1963 Bob Uecker is the centerpiece. The plan was to take a shot of each position but my camera ran out of memory and by the time I deleted some old stuff some kid got the same idea I had and took over the display.

Here's some Hartland Figures of Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn and Eddie Mathews. If you're not familiar with Hartland Figures, they were basically plastic baseball figures that were manufactured way back in the day. Think Vintage Starting Lineups. Oh wait, Staring Lineups are dang near Vintage themselves now. Think really Vintage McFarlane Figures.

T3 Turkey Red card of Peaches Graham. If you've never seen a Turkey Red card in the wild, try to seek one out. They are quite impressive.

If you're not into big cards, here's a much smaller card of Peaches from the 1911 T205 set. Incidentally, if you do a Google image search for Peaches Graham, you'll get pictures of a handful of cards and a ton of pies, cobblers, cakes and tarts. You will suddenly become very hungry so Google with caution.

This odd looking thing is a 1914 Blanket card of Les Mann, which is an unfortunate name if I say so myself. This wasn't the only one of these in the museum.

George Tyler, Hank Gowdy and Hub Perdue form a triforce of B-18 Blankets. I've got the Tyler in my collection and these things surprisingly can often be found for under twenty bucks if you look around.

Last up is a small pile of random Braves in the '60s locker. Two cards of Knucksie, two more of Felipe Alou, one Joe Torre and one Clete Boyer. Three from '66, two from '67 and one from '68. Seems kinda random but a nice touch among all the memorabilia.

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