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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not even going to discuss the offense

>fresh new season, full of hope
>fifth starter battle
>Medlen pitches lights out - 0.82 ERA .64 WHIP 9Ks in 11 innings
>Delgado and Teheran crap the bed
>rotation spot goes to Delgado because Medlen is too valuable in the bullpen
>so about that bullpen
>farm system is stocked with young talented arms
>Jairo Ascencio 3.27 ERA 12 K in 11 IP
>Sent to Cleveland for magic beans
>Johan Flande and Cory Gearrin pitch well enough to make the team
>LOL Gwinnett
>Frank signs Livan Hernandez and Chad Durbin to major league deals
>speaking of Gwinnett, don't drink and drive there, Christhian


dayf said...

Callin' it now - Brandon Beachy has a Heywardian sophomore slump.
I don't think I've ever been this pessimistic going into a season before.

John Bateman said...

Actually Heyward is going to have Bondsian year - MVP

dayf said...

I'll be perfectly happy if J-Hey goes .280 BA .380 OBP with 20 homers and 80 RBI. Dude's only 22, he doesn't need to get inducted to the Hall of Fame all in one year.