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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Turner Field - Braves Hall of Fame Museum

Enough wandering around the stadium on Open House day. Let's check out the Museum & Hall of Fame. All pics taken randomly, haphazardly and poorly.

For all the excessive bitchery amongst the Braves' faithful about their lack of playoff success, we still got this one.

Rings! Men can be obsessed with jewelry too.

First issue of Sports Illustrated with Eddie Mathews on the cover. There are '54 Topps cards inside that thing too!

Here's a couple of Braves' World Series programs from the '50s.

Warren Spahn's Cy Young award featuring Thing from the Addams Family.

My favorite item in the museum, Red Moore's Atlanta Black Crackers jersey. Of all the stuff on display this  is the thing that made me squee like a fangirl.

Channel 17! I wish we could still watch the Braves on Channel 17! Greed always wins. Except in free agency.

Score card from Hank Aaron's 715th home run. No clue who is attached to that hand.

Took a picture of the headline from Andruw Jones' walkoff walk in '99 mainly because I fondly remember listening to that game in an Amoco station in Hoboken, New Jersey that evening. No, really. Long story.

Warren Spahn's purple heart from the Battle of the Bulge. Spahnnie damn near got hisself blowed up. War sucks.

Here's the 1948 World Series ticket and program in a poorly-lit display case.

Another newspaper, this one slightly older. Braves field is opened in Boston.

The bat and ball from Hank's 715th home run.

'80s time! Those dang '80s Braves turned me into a fanatic. Amazing really, concidering how terrible they were for most of that decade.

One of the greatest works of 20th century art - Pascual Perez circling I-285.

More '80s Braves - this time two Hall of Famers.

This is my favorite program cover ever. I really need to find one of these to add to the collection.

1969 Braves World Series tickets. Oh, what could have been...

We'll finish up with Dale Murphy's two MVP trophies.

And a little bit more hardware for Murph. Nope, not a Hall of Famer though.

(would have been if he had juiced up and hot two more homers though - but I digress)

Got some more stuff from the museum in the next post so stay tuned! That's right, sit in front of that screen and keep hitting F5. It'll be up in a dozen hours or two DO IT

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