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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back to the Mets

I am a bad blogger. I have almost two dozen posts in various states of doneness I need to finish, I've got two  videos I need to edit and post and a couple more I need to record, I've got a pile of packages I need to send and countless wantlists to pore through. So last night instead of doing all this stuff I watched the Braves-Future Stars game online until it rained out*, hassled some innocent souls on Twitter for a while and then watched the Angry Video Game Nerd until I was forced to go to sleep. All after leaving you stuck with a meme post. Bad blogger! Bad, bad blogger. As penance, here's a Met:

This is no ordinary oddball Met. Sure, it looks like a typical unlicensed card from the early '90s. No logos, a busy design that looks like clip art in MSPaint, way too many colors. The painting of HoJo is a nice touch as you normally only get generic photos on these things. So what's so special about this card?

It's a card from the Metz Baking Company of Sioux City, Iowa. That's right, it's a Metz Met. Which amuses me to no end.

(hey, I told you I was a bad blogger, you should listen next time)

* I've seen exactly two preseason games this year, both were rained out. I'm cursed. Good thing I don't have cable or The Braves would never finish a game all year.


Captain Canuck said...

are the Braves even on Peachtree this year??? the schedule on their website was from last year when I last looked.

dayf said...

They are still on Peachtree, but only about 40 games or so. their broadcast deal is a disaster. It sucks when I live in Atlanta and I can see every Cub game on TV but not even a quarter of Braves games. Can't even buy MLB.TV because of the stupid blackout rules.

jacobmrley said...

That card is staring into my soul. Yikes.

I have your sketch card and a pile of chippers for you. They will be in the mail before the weekend.