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Monday, April 2, 2012

Quickie LCS post

I shoulda been in bed 15 minutes ago, I have to be up again in less than 6 hours and I'm gonna be busy pretty much all day tomorrow. May as well write a post! On Saturday I went to the Braves' Open House at Turner Field with my son. I took a ton of crappy pics with my cell phone that I'm trying to get organized so I can share them this week. Opening Day's almost here! Gotta get ready! But I am most certainly not ready, so here's a few cards I picked up at the card shop before we went to the Ted instead. Here are the cards in the order I found them:

Hank's last card as a Brave in well loved condition. I needed this for both my main and team sets so I'll pick these suckas up all the live long day. This one cost a buck. Remember all those lottery tickets you bought last week? You could have bought this for the price of one of them tickets.

I have made it very clear that I am All In on J-Hey whether he ends up being the second coming of Willie McCovey or Brad Komminsk Part Deux. Even if he flops completely my extensive Michael Vick collection is assurance that I will still look upon my Heyward cards with fondness no matter what happens. This means I will gladly overpay for weird incomprehensible parallels in sets I despise as long as it has Jason on the front. Can you tell what the heck parallel this is? You get a +1 on your Card Nerdiness stat if you know!

I didn't think to bring my card lists with me so I scrounged the '65 box was hoping to find some cheap cards that I might not have. This .45 cost .50 so I snagged it and hoped for the best. I already had it. Not a total loss though, it could be the start of a Colt collection.

After the '65s I muddled through the '66s just because. The '66 high numbers are a colossal pain in the rump for a team collector. I still have not found that goddamn Chi Chi Olivo card anywhere for under $30. What is the deal with Chi Chi Olivo??? While passing up yet another Chi Chi card, I stumbled upon this one here. I had no idea this was even in the set and it sure wasn't ever on my '66 needs list. Good 'ol Topps and their Multi-team rookie cards. They didn't even know what to put in the team banner on the top left corner and just left it blank. 1966 Topps is a pretty bootleg design to begin with and this card might be the bootleggiest. If it weren't for that Braves cap, I'd swear this was an unlicensed card.

Ya knew there'd be a pony. Ya had to know. I practically telegraphed it with the Colt card up above. Two reasons I bought this card: I thought I needed it for my Goodwin set (I didn't) and the purple highlights in Smarty's mane make him look like Twilight Sparkle's brother.

Ok last one for today. I will always pick up an original Star Wars sticker out of a 50 cents box. ALWAYS. Especially if it is an X-wing. I need another one of these stickers so I can stick this one to my car.

There was one other thing I picked up, but I'm gonna save that for a video. Nope, it's not a wax pack either. You'l just have to be patient.


Captain Canuck said...

wait, what? What number is that Garrett???
Damn you teamsets4u!!!!

dayf said...

The '66 Garrett is #533. Teamsets4u specifically does not include multi-team cards so it's not their fault. I'm mad at myself becaus eI have that gigantic Topps book with pics of every card from 1951-198something and I still didn't catch that.

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

A beat up ol Hank Aaron card is better than no Hank Aaron card at all, I always say.

...or at least I will always say from now on.