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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old School Heritage and New School Ponies - Part 6

They Might Be Great And Powerful Giants:

TMBG + TGaPT = happy Dayf.

The last '63 card I picked up for my 1st series set was this American League Victory Leaders card. Floaty heads for the win! Literally. At first glance this may not seem like a super-star-studded specimen but these were some fine pitchers in the early '60s. Let's go down the list, shall we?

Ralph Terry won 23 games for the Yankees in '62, easily his career year. No Cy Young award for Terry that year since the award had not been split into one for each league yet and Don Drysdale owned all other pitchers that year. Terry did get his only all star nods and a World Series MVP so he did pretty well for himself. Not only that, he was a helluva golfer. The thing he's most known for though is coughing up a phone run in 1960 to some dude named Mazeroski.

Ray Herbert also had a career year in 1962 with his only 20-win season. In his defense, he played for the crummy Kansas City A's and not the mighty Yankees. Ray had the season winning percentage crown in '62 and also was the winning pitcher in the second All Star Game that year. You say you need more trivia? He gave up Carl Yastrzemski's first hit.

Camilo Pascual is one of the best pitchers from the '60s that you've never heard of. From 1959 to 1964 he won 100 games for the Senators and Twins. He also had 7 all star appearances and lead the league in strikeouts three times and complete games three times during that period. Dude could pitch.

Dick Donovan was originally signed by the Braves, but was out of the bigs in '63. He won 18 games for the Atlanta Crackers in '64 and the White Sox picked him up. He had his career year for the Sox in '57, going 16-6 and coming in second to Warren Spahn in the Cy Young voting. After being picked up in the expansion draft by Washington, he was traded to the Indians for the '62 season and came up with a 20-win season for the Tribe. As far as I know, he has no cards as a Brave which irritates me.

Jim Bunning is a Hall of Famer and a Senator, but he only won 19 games in '62 so I'm not even gonna talk about him.

If you wanna know the next five on the list, here ya go:
Jim Kaat - 18 wins (should be a Hall of Famer)
Whitey Ford - 17 wins (is a Hall of Famer)
Hank Aguirre - 16 wins (yes I typed Mark the first time)
Gene Conley - 15 wins (Screwball Hall of Famer)
Bill Monbouquette - 15 wins (Red Sox Hall of Famer)

That enough star power for ya?

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