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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Turner Field - Stadium

We've wandered about on the fan plaza long enough. Time to pick up tickets (yes we had to stand in line for tickets to get into a free open house) and go inside. I had no game plan while I randomly snapped photos so you get what you get.

So the first thing I noticed when I walked in is that Tooner Field is gone forever. It's now Taco Mac Zone. I love Taco Mac (wings are excellent, tons of beers and the Kenmore burger is outstanding) but the loss of Tooner Field brings sadness and grief to my soul. No more gigantic Dexter in a robot suit. No more Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends room with the doors that open. No more Powerpuff Girls ball throwy thing. Bummer.

Oh hey, look over here....

It's a mascot! A dude with a baseball for a head! A completely original idea not derivative in any way!
Seriously. Dude. Just bring back the Bleacher Creature.

We followed those dudes up the stairs and I got this shot of the bullpen from the Budweiser College Student Pick Up Zone. I wanted to get more photos up here but an usher chased us back downstairs. Would it kill ya to put up signs telling us where we can and can't go on open house day?

Alternate view of the bullpen from downstairs.


Hee's the Hank Aaron Room. I think this is rented out for meetings and conferences and such.

Season ticket holders get their own little room to play in where they don't have to be bothered with the game.

All around the concourse are banners celebrating the Braves' playoff appearances.

Wooo! NL Champs! I forgot to take a pic of the '95 Banner, but I assure you it's awesome.

There's also infographics and team picks for every year lining the walls of the concourse. Knucksie!

Here you can see if you can jump as high as Otis Nixon. I can get a Little League Leap on a good day.

There's also Scout's Alley games where you can swing in a batting cage or test your arm against a radar gun. My son hit a Moyeresque 35mph on his fastball. You can also see the limitations of my crappy camera phone in this pic.

Here's that gigantic tom-tom drum they play in the outfield during games. It was parked inside today.

Back outside after circling the stadium. Time for a MmmmmmmmmcCann burger! Yum!

That's a nice box score right there!

Here's the Clubhouse store with one of the 47 gigantic screens up above it. Quit watchin' the game and buy somethin' already!

There's signs all over the place showing distance to home plate and classic ballparks. I liked the nod to Ebbets here.

Gotta have BBQ down south. Here's the Turner Field Smoke House.

Ok, that's enough food and frivolity, time to go down to the field. Well, next post anyway. It's Opening day! Game's about to start!

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Slangon said...

Outside of the hits column, that scoreboard looks eerily familiar.