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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1970-1985 Braves Want List

Work in Progress

1970 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1971 Topps
709 Braves rookies

1972 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1973 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1974 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1975 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1975 Topps mini
1 Aaron Highlight
195 1957 MVPs

1976 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1977 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1978 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1979 Topps - COMPLETE maybe

1980 Topps - COMPLETE!!!!

1981 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1982 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1983 Topps - COMPLETE!!!

1984 Topps
92T Gerald Perry

1985 Topps - COMPLETE!!!


Dave said...

I have doubles of the 1980 Topps Dale Murphy. Let me know if you're interested... davidkurvach@aol.com

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