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Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat - The Opening

It's All Hallow's Eve, so it's finally time to share the Trick or Treat package I received from Tribe Cards. I went trick or treating dressed like Little Alex from Clockwork Orange and I may have gotten a little rambunctious and might have accidentally rolled David's yard with a roll of toilet paper. Or maybe 10 rolls. No more than 24, certainly. They don't sell packages larger than that. Anyway, David took that good, clean fun in stride and sent me a Trick or Treat package anyway.

As you can see, I got the one with the quizzical witch. David has always sent me some good Braves stuff, so this should be fun to open. Here's the first card in the box:

1989 Score Sandy Alomar Jr. card. That's pretty cool, I'm a Score fan and I like Sandy. Good, solid catcher for a ton of years and not a jerk like his mock-chopping brother. Let's check out the next card.

1989 Score Alomar Jr. Hrm. Next?

Eight more Alomars. Heh, David tricked me back! Heh, that's all good. Some doubles to help fill out the box. Fun stuff! What's next?

1989 Upper Deck Sandy Alomar Jr Star Rookie. Five of 'em. Looks like we have a theme going on! Wait, what the-

AAAAH! He's Evil! Run away!

Oh man, what's going on here? Oh, well this isn't too bad. a peaceful scene with Sandy and his brother.

What what what?


What is this?? What kind of package did David send me? 1990 Fleer?? C'mon man, it was just toilet paper! How was I to know it was about to rain?

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! No! Get away from me!!!

Don't give me that look! You're a monster!

Stop laughing at me!


Oh thank God... Bruce Hurst! What in the world is up with Sandy? He's acting really strange! Bruce, why are you running Bruce?


Red! It's so red! Red like BLOOD. I've got to get out of here now!!!

This is horrible! Just Horrible! I can't believe this is happening to me!

No! Sandy, put down that ax! It was just a joke, I'm sorry!

JEFF! Oh thank goodness! Look, we gotta get out of here, Alomar's gone nuts! Completly mad, I say! He freaking ATE Bruce Hurst! Oh wait... what is THAT?

Wh- why is Sandy smiling like that? What can he be up to? And how did he become a Rated rookie in both 1989 and 1990... That's just weird- OH NO! JEFF LOOK OUT IT'S A TRAP!


Oh, not Frenchy! This is terrible! He'll never walk again! Not that he walked all that much before, but that's not the point. QUIT LAUGHING AT ME YOU PSYCHO! What more can you do to me?


Ugh, I can't take anymore... He's catching up to me, I'm not going to make it.... Oh LOOK!

Chipper to the rescue!

That's right sucka! Your days of evildoing are over! CHIPPER'S HERE!


Hooray! We are the winners!

Thanks to Chipper Jones, once again the day (and the box) was saved! The Menace of Sandy Alomar Jr. will not bother us again. Time to kick back and watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on TV in peace, knowing that the nightmare is over.

OR IS IT?????????

Final Tally of the Trick or Treat Box from Tribe Cards:

3 1989 Bowman Sandy Alomar #258
9 1989 Bowman Sandy Alomar Jr. #454
36 1989 Donruss Sandy Alomar Jr #28
10 1989 Donruss The Rookies Sandy Alomar Jr. #21
14 1990 Donruss Sandy Alomar Jr. #30
13 1989 Fleer Sandy Alomar Jr. #300
8 1989 Fleer Like Father - Like Sons Superstar Special #630
20 1990 Sandy Alomar Jr. #150
14 1989 Score Sandy Alomar Jr. #630
3 1989 Score Sandy Alomar Jr. Young Superstar Glossy #1
4 1990 Score Sandy Alomar Jr. #577
45 1989 Topps Sandy Alomar Jr. #648
6 1990 Topps Sandy Alomar Jr. #353
5 1989 Upper Deck Sandy Alomar Jr. #5
17 1990 Upper Deck Sandy Alomar Jr. #655

1989 Upper Deck Bruce Hurst #792
1991 Donruss Roberto Alomar Diamond King #12
1992 AAA Pre-Rookie Randy St. Claire
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Jeff Francoeur Green StarQuest #SQ-47
2008 Upper Deck X Chipper Jones #7


Now that's skeery! Happy Halloween, everbody!

If you want to see some real Halloween cards created by PunkRockPaint, go HERE and prepare to be amazed!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I about peed my pants I was LOL'ing so hard! Awesome post for the best trick ever!

Captain Canuck said...

looks like while you received the trick, I got the Braves Treat box today...


sorry buddy... no Lemkes for you!

night owl said...

That was CLASSIC.

Billy Suter said...

I know Sandy Sr. played for the Braves, but why did David pick Sandy Jr.?

Anonymous said...

He freaking ATE Bruce Hurst!!! LMAOO

Steve K said...

You know, why IS he smiling like that? I remember another Jr. who had the same smile...

--David said...

ROTFL! My wife and I were rolling! This was hilarious, and the er, uh, modifications you made to the cards was spectacular!

The house got rolled (virtually), someone had to pay! MWAHAHAHA!

PunkRockPaint said...

I am crying! That was the greatest post EVER!!! As a lifetime Padres fan, I never knew the evil of the Alomars.

Getting eaten by a cannibal catcher or getting shipped to Colorado... Which is worse for a pitcher?

Trade ya for the evil buggers???

dayf said...

A complete set of Evil Alomars is all yours. I'll even throw in a slightly nibbled Bruce Hurst.