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Thursday, October 23, 2008

DH Auto Battle

I just realized that I have autographed cards of the two Designated Hitters in tonight's World Series game... Vote for your favorite:

2005 Leaf Greg Dobbs Gold Leaf Rookie

This card looks better than the scan. The middle part is gold foil which looks just like black foil on my scanner. The signature is nice and shiny though. I miss Leaf almost as much as I miss Donruss...

1991 Stadium Club Cliff Floyd

I have two autos of Floyd and one COA. I can't remember which one the COA goes to, or where I put it. This card is from the Dome set and has a nice on card sig in thick blue marker. Dig that crazy shirt, man.

Vote for your favorite in the comments, the winner will end up on Auto-matic For The People this weekend!


Cardboard Addiction said...

You gotta go with Cliffy. In that shirt he looks like an extra for that movie House Party with Kid N' Play.

Chris Harris said...

I pick Eric Bruntlett.

Greg said...

I pick the Natural Greg Dobbs, who looked nothing like the Natural tonight.

Anonymous said...

I've got to go with Cliffy... once a Met, always a Met.:)

Besides, you can go wrong with those cheesy photos Topps used on those early draft pick cards.