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Friday, October 31, 2008

More Cards from Daniel

Danny from Saints of the Cheap Seats sent out an unexpected package that arrived yesterday. I just keep getting stuff from this guy! This is the third package he's sent and I am very appreciative. Eventually, I will get around to posting the stuff he sent before. When you see it, you will, um, you'll do this. Just without the werewolves. The cards Danny sent are seemingly in pairs, so that's how I'm going to post them.

Two Kleskos

A Stadium Club and Donruss Elite card, both from 1997. I liked Ryan as a player and I miss the big ol' moose swinging like there's no tomorrow.

Two Chippers

I like getting oddball and insert Chippers where there's a chance I don't have them already. One is a 2002 Fleer Maximum card, a very forgettable set, the other a 2006 Ultra insert covered in bling.

Two A&G minis

One a short printed Tom Glavine mini, the other of Oriole outfielder Adam (Not Pac-Man) Jones. Glavine goes toward my A&G mini collection, Adam has a shot to grab a slot in my A&G minis binder.

Two Classic '70s Braves

Danny checked out my half finished 1970-1985 Braves wantlist and found a couple of beatues off my list. A '77 Buzz Capra replete with wax stain and a '78 Pat Rockett who hits a fly out on the game on the back of his card. These are completely awesome as I woefully have not completed most of these sets from the '70s, the singles are hard to find in modern card stores and there's no way I'm paying three bucks shipping on a Buzz Capra card off of eBay.

Two cards that made me say YES!!!

First up, a Manny Ramirez short print from 2007 Goudey. I really want to complete this set, but Short prints are a bit tough to find. Every little bit helps.

Finally an incredible 4-player Braves insert card from A Piece of Archives History. Chipper, Big Mac, Frenchy and Greedy all on the same card. Awesome.

Thanks again Danny, I've got your want list on standby!

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Danny said...

My pleasure to help. Actually, I'm finding more cards that I forgot to sort, plus I haven't gone through my "Stars" box yet. I'll get to some more soon.