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Saturday, October 11, 2008

They were saying Boooo-urns

Sarah Palin got booed tonight when she dropped the ceremonial first puck tonight at the Philadelphia Flyers game. No one with any sense ever thought this was a good idea. Philly fans have booed Beyonce, the Philly Phanatic and Santa Claus. What chance did a controversial Vice Presidential candidate who got hit with accusations of ethics violations just the night before have?

When Palin took center ice, she initially was greeted by a round of boos for the first 15 seconds of her two-minute appearance.

After that, there were cheers.

But throughout the appearance, there was a competition among chanters, with some yelling, “Palin, Palin” and others shouting, “Obama, Obama.’
The fact that she dragged her poor kid out there to face the Philly horde didn't make things any better. The New York Times has an angle on the incident I didn't even think about before now:

The level of discomfort has been palpable for the Rangers’ two Alaska natives, Gomez and Brandon Dubinsky, as they have been asked questions about Palin and the election in recent weeks. Dubinsky, a 22-year-old who has shied away from nothing since he broke in with the Rangers last year, looks petrified when the topic is brought up.
Hockey players don't need to deal with this shit. The fans who were there for the home opener didn't need to deal with this shit and that poor kid sure didn't need to see her mom booed by several thousand people.

A big fat BOOOOOO to the owner of the Flyers for pulling this crap.

UPDATE: Not making this up. Here's some background info:

Official press release from the Flyers - 10/8/08
The appearance was a tie in with an "Ultimate Hockey Mom" contest.

Reaction to the announcement from Flyers fans on the official team forum.

The New York Post (not an unbiased source, obviously) lambastes the move as a political stunt by Flyers CEO and McCain/Palin supporter Ed Snider.

ESPN article on the puck drop.


Captain Canuck said...

give 'em hell dayf!

dinged corners said...

Are you making this up? If you didn't manufacture this with your new camera and it did, in fact, occur, then: why Philadelphia? What's the reasoning?

White Sox Cards said...

That's despicable!

deal said...

The video is for real. That is exactly what we saw on TV. We were hosting a party at the time so I didn't hear the boos at the beginning and to be honest on the telecast the music came up so loud so quickly I would not have been able to tell you that she was booed or cheered.

I have been to opening day for Phillies games when the mayor got booed severely.

As I remember, This year the opening night of the Nats Stadium the President got booed big time on ESPN.

The odd thing to me is that they announce a Flyer to accompany Governor Palin and you would think that would sway the crowd, but I am not sure that Brian Propp is really the caliber of former player to provide any support in this situations.

one more point of coincidence (related to your post) is that I always think of Flyers/Sixers/Comcast Head/Czar Ed Snider as being the Monty Burns of Philadelphia.

Matt said...

I was saying Boo-urns...

Chris Harris said...

My $0.02: I really don't see a problem with this. Sports is entertainment, and the lines between entertainment and politics have been blurred to the point of no return.

Last weekend Bruce Springsteen gave a concert in Philadelphia that doubled as an Obama rally. I didn't hear much complaining then.

Anonymous said...

Where was the outcry when Obama in the broadcast booth on Monday Night Football?

dayf said...

Obama was on Monday Night Football? I haven't watched any NFL this year so I didn't know. That's a little different than trotting him out to the 50 yard line for the coin toss to get heckled.

Chris has a good point about the deranged reality show that makes up our political campaigns right now.

Dave said...

I just think it's hilarious that Sarah Palin, Ed Snider, or anyone else apparently didn't realize that Palin would get booed in Philly...

dayf said...

Seriously. It's Philadelphia, they boo. That's what they do. If Jesus returned during an Eagles game the Philly fans would boo Him for being a fan of the Saints.