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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Package from Dinged Corners

This package of goodies came by way of Dinged Corners and their new organizational techniques. I should probably get some tips from them, 'cause I have cards scattered all over the place for about 6 people right now.

2008 Legendary Cuts John Smoltz Jersey

First I was like, yeah, Smoltzie! Then I was like, hey, jersey? Then I was like, how'd they end up getting Legendary cuts? I haven't even got a pack of that stuff yet! I like how the ball is perched right on the top of the border.

Mess 'O Heroes

I like this set, but I'm probably going to build a Braves team set (most of which might be right here) and ditch everything else other than the retired players.

2004 Matrix Bosh/Heinrich/ Lebron James mini rookie trio

This is one of the weirdest sets ever. It's wierd even for basketball cards. The set was designed with a super futuristic nightmare motif, with tons of metal and neon green, but it also had framed mini cards like in Allen & Ginter and Topps205, and finally had a subset of perforated tri-mini rookie cards based on the 1980-81 Topps basketball set. This one is probably the best out of the set, with Chris Bosh and Lebron mini rookies. I am going to try valiantly to resist the urge to separate the three cards.

Random Braves

Gotta love random Braves. Especially a 1990 Topps Ron Gant in the middle of all those newfangled shiny UV coated foily cards.


When I saw this sticker I immediately thought of this post from Thorzul. Heineken?!?

08 Goudey Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe

Funny thing about this card... I used to have it, but I made a big swap of Goudey cards with Dave at Fielder's Choice. He bought a case of Goudey and still wasn't able to complete the set. I swapped him all of the short prints I had that he needed and he sent back a large pile of Goudeys in return, including all I needed for the common set. One of the cards he needed was this card of Mr. Howe. I was reluctant to part with it, but I'm not collecting the Sports Royalty set so I let it go. Now, good trading karma has unexpectedly brought the card back to me. But that's not all, one of the cards I received from Dave in that trade was...

This Chipper Jones Sports Royalty card that I also received from Patricia and Lucy. So by giving up #9 of the Red Wings temporarily, I got not one but two Chippers.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Good Day!


dinged corners said...

We're glad that you liked the Legendary Cuts card; when we saw that, it actually had "DAYF" written all over it. Well, not actually actually.

Organization seems to be a twelve-step process and we have barely taken the first step. You are obviously coping very well with a complex trading system. We have a looong way to go.

Thanks dayf.

dayf said...

"You are obviously coping very well with a complex trading system."

6 trades
4 piles
2 bubble mailers

6+4+2=12 I need a thirteenth step