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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I might make some, I might not. Before I do anything rash, I'm going to float the idea by you guys first. There aren't going to be any major upheavals on this blog at least, so don't worry about that. Let's start with ideas for this blog and go from there.

Part 1 - Possible tweaks to this blog:

Like I said, no massive changes. No new templates, no new logos, no changing formats to a comic blog or something. Same ol' weird card blog as before. I'm looking at most to make some slight cosmetic changes. Many of you (41 at the writing of this post, to be exact) noticed the poll on the upper right corner of the blog. What should I add to the blog, if anything? it says. I'm going to be honest and say that the results were not what I expected. Here are the current results:

Slideshow of card images
9 (21%)
Sell out with AdSense
7 (17%)
Personal stuff that doesn't have anything to do with cards, like favorite music and movies
7 (17%)
The "Follow This Blog" gadget
5 (12%)
A list of the Labels used on the posts
2 (4%)
The Newsreel gadget so you can stay informed
3 (7%)
A Video Bar for when the posts get boring
3 (7%)
Don't change anything, stay mired in the past
23 (56%)

Basically, there were a couple of things I wanted to try, I added a few more options from the new Blogger gadgets that looked interesting and mixed them all up to see if the stuff I wanted to add was actually wanted or not. Over half the votes went to "Don't change anything" which I didn't see coming at all. In fact the first couple of days, it was a complete landslide for stagnation. It also seemed like people were voting for only one thing, when you could check as many as you wanted. Ok so the hardline traditionalists, would only need to check one thing, but the rest of you could choose all of 'em if you liked. There's only 59 votes among 41 ballots which is under 2 per person even if you take out the "don't change votes.

Maybe this is the perfect blog, I don't know, but it seems to me that my not explaining the poll I caused the results to get buggered up. So here's what I'm gonna do: I'm redoing the poll and explaining a) that you can vote more than once and b) what each of the options ultimately means right here. I've got the results from the first one saved up above, and if they correlate the second time I'll follow them and do nothing. Let me make my case for the changes first:

Slideshow of card images - I have about 250 meg worth of images in my Picasa account, I may as well do something with 'em. You can see what it looks like on Shoebox Legends. Not every picture I used was a card, so there will be some interesting weirdness popping up from time to time.

Sell out with AdSense - Ok, this was pretty much a joke and it ended up the second most popular change. C'mon, people. No one ever clicks on those ads anyway.

Personal stuff that doesn't have anything to do with cards, like favorite music and movies - Basically what it says, I'll put up lists of whatever tidbits from my life you want to know about. Last movie watched (Caddyshack), Cd in the player (Mojo Ska compilation), Book I'm reading (um... nothing actually) etc. Nothing too personal, this isn't Livejournal.

The "Follow This Blog" gadget - You can see this in action on Dinged Corners, among others. This has popped up on a bunch of blogs recently and I'm intrigued by it. I really want to know how 6 people are following the blog even though I haven't started using the gadget. I'll follow other blogs if I see the gadget but I haven't figured out if people like it or not.

A list of the Labels used on the posts - This is a big list of the labels I use on the posts put over on the sidebar. You can see this in action on A Pack A Day. It's pretty useful for searching, but with the huge number I've used so far - many of them being really random - it may end up slowing down the load time for the blog.

The Newsreel gadget so you can stay informed - This could be interesting for card, sports and Braves news. Dinged Corners used to have it, but it's gone now. Might slow down the age load, or it might not.

A Video Bar for when the posts get boring - There are scads of box breaks on Youtube, I could try to post a few on the sidebar for fun. I know for a fact that videos = slow though, but it could be worth it.

Don't change anything, stay mired in the past - This again, was half joke, half giving you a way to express resistance to change. If this is what you really want, I'll respect it though.

Recent Comments - Here's one I missed on the first poll. White Sox Cards, Tribe Cards and quite a few Wordpress blogs have this feature and I like it. It's fun seeing what the last few comments have to say.

Last time I randomized the options on the poll, this time not so much. Pick as many options as you like, I'll use your input on any changes I make. Also, feel free to make comments if you want to see anything not listed in the poll, or if you want to make a case for stability.

Part 2 - Things I changed already or will change:

I've shuffled the sidebar slightly to move the Daily Reading list up to the top and shuffled around some of the lesser seen/defunct features to the middle. Right now the Daily Reading list shows the 25 blogs in my blogroll with the most recent posts. I can bump that up to all blogs, BUT... There's 108 blogs on the list right now so you're looking at 4 times the size of that list. I'll probably prune anyone who hasn't updated their blog in over three months as well if I go that option. Anyone with an opinion on this, leave a comment.

The profile image is going to change, I'm retiring the 07 A&G card I made of myself. Blogger keeps chopping the top of my head off and I'm getting a headache. I'm not sure what it's going to be yet, but it will be changed soon. If you love that card and have to have it, it's time to download it now. The goofy title bar and the obscure movie reference logo will stay the same until further notice.

Video - I'm attempting it. Failing miserably so far, but I'm working on it. Expect to see something, sometime, maybe soon, or not. Possibly.

Part 3 - Content

Is there anything you want to see on here that I'm not doing? Anything I used to do but don't anymore that you want back? My focus has gone off the rails recently and I've very susceptible to the power of suggestion right now. Use this power wisely, all you readers who have actually read this far in this insanely long post.

Part 4 - Facebook

Ok, I have no interest in this, but my wife and my best friend have both been pestering me to sign up. One comment from one reader who wants me to do it so I'll friend them will probably push me over the edge. Again, please use your power responsibly.

Part 5 - Auto-Matic For The People

In case you haven't noticed, after a strong start, posting on that blog has been extremely erratic lately. I haven't run out of autographs, it's more a combination of lack of time and lack of interest. There are four options I can see going forward:

Keep everything the same and post when the autograph Muse strikes - The sensible position. No changes, no making waves, quite possibly no posts 'till Thanksgiving.

Add relic, vintage or insert cards to the mix - Kinda do what Bad Wax used to do with Bad Hits, and does now with Tales from the Bargain Bin. Adding some jersey cards might get me out of the rut and back to posting regularly.

Dump it, migrate everything over here and focus on this blog - Let's face it, I haven't even done a title image for the blog yet. It's kind of a distraction from this blog as well. I wouldn't delete it outright, just copy the posts over here one by one and post all future autographs here.

Add new writers to post their own autographs - I could open it up to new blood to keep the posts coming on a more regular basis. I would have several conditions for doing this including strictly sticking to the current format and adding a tag for each writer so I could keep my posts seperate from theirs. It could be doable, if you're interested leave a comment or send an e-mail.

These are my thoughts for now, I'm pretty sure something will be happening here soon, but rest assured there will be no major changes without the reader's approval.


deal said...

For Auto-Matic - I like keep as is and post here when there is an update. actually it will show up on the sidebar automatically. I like having them in one place. And who cares if they only come up once in a while - that sort of simulates the way you get them when opening up packs - most packs don't have them, but every once in a while you get one.

shanediaz82 said...

Just a suggestion, but I say trim any blogs out of your Daily Reading list that haven't been updated in 3 months regardless of whether you're going to display them all or only the 25 most recently updated.

Andy said...

I personally do not read card blogs that have other unrelated content, unless that content is pure sports (for example commentary on actual goings-on on the baseball diamond is OK.) I hate having to weed through posts about music, movies, etc. I think you're an insightful guy and I enjoy reading your posts, but that doesn't extend to music, etc. I'd drop your blog (gasp!) if that stuff gets added.

I did, however, pick up a special treat for you in Maine this weekend. I saw a card I knew you'd have to have, and I will mail it to you sometime in the next few weeks.

White Sox Cards said...

How did I manage to follow you before you installed the feature?

Ancient blogging secret.

night owl said...

I agree with some of the comments above. Auto-Matic should stay as is in terms of frequency of posts, etc. I like the idea of letting other collectors feature their autos, but if that takes more time away from Cardboard Junkie, I'd pass on that. I also agree with Andy. I'm not reading blog posts about stuff that's not cards/sports. ... I'm going on record as saying this is my favorite card blog, so I'm happy with only minor changes.

--David said...

I don't think I relaized I could select more than one option. Then again, I don't remeber... But, this blog and Ben henry's were the first two card-related blogs I remember seeing before I started. I like the format. What you do with the sidebars is up to you. I like the recent comments. Most of the other stuff on my sidebar is really for me more than anything... It's an easy way for me to keep tabs on my fave blogs. :-)

As for 'personal/non-sport' stuff, that's a toughie. I had my personal site way before Tribecards, so it's relatively easy for me to separate them. You could create a 'personal-only' blog to supplement this one if people start throwing penalty flags at you for posting personal stuff on here.. :-)

Overall, though, you're one of the best out here. Keep up the great writing, humor, and insights!

dayf said...

To clarify, none of the content would change so no one has to dump anything. The "personal content" I'm talking about will be a small list on the sidebar with interesting tidbits. Favorite tv show, what's in my MP3 player, boxers or briefs, that sort of thing. I'll still be weaving in bizarre pop culture references in with the cards like I normally do.

AdamE said...

I like your current layout. I don't have any problem with changing what is on the sidebar unless it slows things down alot. I know when I'm on ebay sometimes slideshows take forever to download (one fo those problems with living in the sticks). I always go to your blog first and them use the blogroll to visit other sites so I'm glad you moved that up on the side panel. I would put your want list at the top though. I don't know how many blogs I have went to and couldn't find a want list (everyone that has a hidden want list missed out on some great trading).

I think you have far and away the best card blog on the net. Keep it up. Happy collecting.

PunkRockPaint said...

I would be honored to submit a card/drawing to replace the legendary '07 A&G Dayf card.

Email me punkrockpaint at gmail dot com.

dinged corners said...

We agree with deal about Auto-Matic, shanediaz82 about jettisoning blogs that have cobwebs, andy about avoiding unrelated content, and david about Doing What You Will With The Sidebars if the implication is that the rest of the blog won't change. And what night owl and adame said about CJ being tops. We only ask that you don't change your colors or font.

dayf said...

Heh, right when you were posting the request not to change the colors I had *just* changed some colors.

Can anyone figure out what I did?

bailorg said...

My only request is that you do not add the video bar. I read card blogs to see and read about cards, not to see 25-45 year old men fiddling with card packs who only hold up the "interesting" cards up for a brief, fuzzy glimpse.

csd said...

If you do add people to Automatic I would be interested in making a few posts every now and then.

Captain Canuck said...

well old friend.... here my two cents, which converted from canadian equals.... well right now not much. Moving on...
keep Junkie the same. no video bar etc... This is, no question, the best sports card blog out there. Keep it that way. You have another blog to put your books, movies, etc... on.
Facebook? maybe you're a lot younger than I thought. Who else has that kind of time. i can't even keep track of phone calls and email, let alone adding that to the mix.
Automatic? either add on vintage thursday, or patch tuesday, or add on guest writers. I think intergrating it into Junkie would lose even more focus. (you do lose track of some things now and again.... never to be seen again)

and finally... send all your Chippers to me....

Captain Canuck said...

oh yeah.... and we need a post quick about Pete retiring.... things just ain't the same any more...

dayf said...

Too busy weeping from despair. The House of Cardboard has a good write up on it.


Billy Suter said...

I'd like to be a co-writer for Automatic as well. I don't have many autographs, but I've got a couple really nice ones.

madding said...

Small cosmetic changes aside, I'm one of those "don't change" guys. What you're doing is great. Don't change (too much) just for change's sake.

ernest said...

i'm up for more baseball card tournaments, regional or otherwise. these are sheer educational genius!