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Friday, October 17, 2008

A Couple More Contests

I'm spending most of today getting some long-overdue packages together to mail tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the contests I linked to last night (there's still time to enter!) and a couple I forgot to link.

Pay It Forward Backward

JV at Treasure Never Buried is trying a "trade a red paper clip for a house" technique to turn his 1960 Topps Detroit Tigers Coaches card into the oldest card he can find. I offered an 1887 Allen & Ginter card, but jv wants baseball players, not birds, so you've still got a shot.

Predict The Award Winners

Brian at 30-Year Old Cardboard also has an award contest, pick the winners of all 8 major awards and win an autograph. Be speedy about it, contest ends on Monday.

If anyone else has a contest, post it in the comments and I'll link it.

If you're too lazy to click on the previous post up above, here's a list of all the blogs who are running contests:
Wax Heaven - Upper Deck giveaway

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