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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Series Matchup - Phillies v. Rays

I'm going to swipe the Cardboard Wars idea from Wax Heaven for just one night in honor of the World Series teams. Which card would you rather have: The Phillies jersey card or the Rays patch card?

2004 Bazooka Mike Schmidt One-Liners jersey card

The all-time greatest #1 Philly ever other than the Phanatic, Mike Schmidt. This is a one liner's insert from 2004 Bazooka. I don't remember the odds on these but they weren't too easy to get. It's a plain white swatch, but if you look closely, there's some stitches still left in the fabric. If you have a good imagination, it kinda resembles a 1955 Topps card. I'm not sure what the best thing about the card is: the awesome quote or Mike's shaggy mane tmbling out from under his helmet.

2005 Donruss Prime Patches Tino Martinez #37/41

Tino Martinez a Ray?? Normally you would expect a Yankees or Mariners Jersey, but he had one year in Tampa (2004) and played well. Prime Patches was loaded with all Donruss' remaining baseball inventory if I remember correctly. This card has a bigger patch than photo. The patch appears to be a part of the name on the back, part of an E perhaps?

If you're still undecided, here's the back of the Schmidt featuring Bazooka Joe:

And the back of the Donruss card:

Vote for your favorite in the comments and let me know who's going to win the series so I can get my bets in. My pick:

Philly takes game 1 and 2 in Tampa
Tampa regroups and steals two in Philadelphia
Tampa wins game 6 to tie it up.
Philly winds the deciding game by one run.
Shane Victorino hits an inside the park homer, goes .400 for the series and wins MVP

Phillies in 7.


csd said...

That Schmidt card is great! I think that the Rays will take it in Six. Although at the time of this writing they are down 2-0 in game one. They will bounce back though.

night owl said...

Not crazy about either one, as usual. But the Schmidt wins because of the wacky cartooniness of the card. Tino card is lousy. Could they make his head shot smaller? ... I've already said Rays in 5, so at this point it looks like they're gonna have to sweep the next four. Oops, back to the game ...

Billy Suter said...

Well, there go your predictions.