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Monday, October 13, 2008

Retro Rays

I don't have my Card of the Week ready for you all tonight, so here's something I do have ready.

The 2008 AL East Champion Tampa Bay Rays Lineup in Retro Style Cards:

Leadoff: Akinori Iwamura 2B

2008 Goudey mini

2nd: B. J. Upton CF

2005 Cracker Jack

3rd: Carlos Pena 3B

2008 Allen & Ginter

Clean Up: Evan Longoria 3B

2006 Bowman Heritage Prospects

5th: Carl Crawford LF

2005 Turkey Red black parallel

6th: Cliff Floyd DH

2002 Topps206 Polar Bear mini

7th: Dioner Navarro C

2004 Cracker Jack

8th: Rocco Baldelli RF

2003 Topps205

9th: Jason Bartlett SS

2008 Topps Heritage

RHP: James Shields

2007 Topps Heritage

LHP: Scott Kazmir

2006 Allen & Ginter


dinged corners said...

This is beautiful!

Dave said...

Awesome! There are some great looking cards in there. I don't know much about those Cracker Jack cards but they look like something I'd want to collect!

dayf said...

If you can find a box of 2004 Cracker Jack out there, you will be treated to a 4 year old pack of actual Cracker Jacks as a box topper. Yum!

Mad Guru said...

Love the concept but I was really hoping to see Arrojo, McCracken and Sorrento again. We're talking Tampa legends! :(