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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Card Of the Week 10/14/08


Canada's election that is! Stephen Harper, this week's Card of the Week tried to steal the United States' thunder and called his own election to distract from the squabbling between the Democrats and Republicans. It didn't work. Even so, Canadians are voting right now and the election results are tonight!



Unlike America, when Canadians vote for a new leader, they vote for the party and not because of some embarrassing thing the leader did 30 years ago that makes him look bad in a sound bite. Here are the party leaders, and here's a whole mess of other information if you're interested. Our own Trader Crack almost ran for a seat but wisely decided against it. It's a shame, I would have been pulling for ya buddy! You'd do a hell of a better job than Harper or Dion, I'm sure.

You might think this is silly, but I guess about 8 years ago I was flipping through the channels on my cable and I hit C-Span. The Canadian election results were coming in and I was completely fascinated by them. I ended up watching for hours. What can I say, it was fun! I got mesmerized by the rainbow graphic with the results of all the parties. Blue's in the lead! Now Red! Oh, look, Green just got a few! Great stuff there. So I'm going to be watching tonight if I can and I might even blog it.

Get out and vote all you hosers! I want something good to watch on TV tonight!

UPDATE: Now with better scan without an eyelash on Stephen's face!

Results are in, here is what happened as far as I can tell:

  • Stephen Harper won, but lost.
  • Quebec had the biggest changes but stayed mostly the same.
  • The NDP came in fourth but did great.
  • The Liberals need a leader that doesn't make Mr. Humphries look manly.
  • The Green Party's leader is a chick! Alllll Riiiiiight!
  • Dayf got to watch Canadians cover an election with civility and a little humour, instead of the crap-flying scream fest we get here in the states. Hooray!

If I'm mistaken about any of this stuff feel free to correct me in the comments. I follow Canadian politics kinda like World Cup Soccer. Fun as hell to watch, but I'm only interested when it's down to the real nitty gritty. Now I'm watching the various leaders give their speeches. It completely fascinates me how they do their speeches and switch seamlessly from English to French and back again. That's cool stuff right there.


Anonymous said...

I voted!

Captain Canuck said...

My wife and I just got back from voting....
the major flaw in the Canadian process is whoever (or is that, whomever?) takes the province of Ontario.... wins. Usually the winner is announced on east coast TV before the polls even close here in the west...
but dammit! I voted anyway!

dinged corners said...

So it's electoral college-y in Canada?

Anonymous said...

You guys have blue, red, AND green?? I'm jealous... we only get to pick between Dumb and Dumber. Oh well... good luck!


dayf said...

According to the CBC coverage on C-Span, Canadians have Blue, Red, Green, Light Blue, Orange and Gray for 'other'.

Blue's winning, with Red and Light Blue in second and third. Orange is doing better than they did last time though.

Ryan Cracknell said...

It ain't easy being Green - especially in oil country. Oh well, another minority so we'll do it all again in a year or two.