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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Card Of the Week 10/28/08

Many reasons for this week's card of the week. First of all, some joker complained that I was messing up a perfectly good baseball card blog with *gasp* college football players this weekend, so I want to antagonize Mr. Anonymous some more with a basketball card. Secondly, the NBA season kicks off tonight. I won't be watching any of those games though, I'll be watching the rest of Game 5 of the World Series assuming the rain lets up. Tomorrow though, I'll be watching an NBA game. Specifically one with this guy playing:

Al Horford. The Hawks' first round draft pick last year. Came in second to Kevin overrated scoring twenty a game for a team that moved to Oklahoma Durant in the Rookie of the Year voting. Played out of position at center and still kicked ass. Helped get the stinkin' lousy inept Hawks to the playoffs where they came damn close to beating the eventual World Champion Celtics. The first player I've been legitimately excited about on this team since Mookie Blalock.

Horford and the Hawks open the season in Orlando on Wednesday and for the first time since Steve Smith was on the team they actually don't suck all that bad. I can say "The Hawks have a good chance of going .500 this year" out in public and I won't immediately be committed to a mental institution for my own safety. Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Marvin Williams and Al Horford. They ain't superstars, but they ain't scrubs either. Plus no more Billy Knight! Mike Woodson shaved his head and looks cool now! None of the owners have sued each other in the past 24 hours! Phillips Arena hasn't caught on fire! Hooray!

So yeah, I'm excited. I know you guys don't give a crap about basketball and even the ones that do forgot that Atlanta even had a team. Well, go check out the archives or click on one of the other blogs on the sidebar to get your baseball fix, I'm crowing about the no longer dreadful Hawks and my new favorite player Al this morning. I got 5 more packs of Topps to rip later this afternoon (these ones actually have inserts in them!) so you can deal with one hoops post. Besides, there's another reason I'm posting the Hawks cards today, and that's because it's my uncle's birthday. Happy birthday dayf's uncle! He took me to a bunch of Hawks games when I was a kid and watching 'Nique and Tree and Doc got me permanently hooked on this team. Don't blame him for that though. Blame him for getting me hooked on the Falcons, that's what has really messed my mind up. So here's my 2007-2008 Topps Finest rookie card of Al Horford numbered 494/539 to start the Hawks' season off right. Go Hawks! Get those 40 wins! You can do it!


Brian said...

I like Horford's game a lot. If he is able to develop a consistent 10-12 foot jump shot he will even be better. It's way to early to predict how good he can become but he reminds me an awful lot of my favorite player in his youth - Karl Malone!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right, the Hawks will be decent this year. That team will go as far as Josh Smith takes them. If he tries to be a 3 point shooter, they will fail. If he takes it to the hoop, blocks shots and plays good D, the Hawks could surprise again.

Duncan1800 said...

Hey, I'm a baseball fan, and I give a crap about basketball. I mean, come on, we've got the Nuggets out here. And with their weak-sauce playoff record the last few years, I'd have to be a little insane to even pay attention to them. So, strange as it is, I actually envy the Hawks' ability to survive past four postseason games.