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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Georgia vs. Vandy

Homecoming is today in Athens, and we've scheduled our usual patsy for the game. Unfortunately the patsy this year is in first place in the Eastern division. The Dawgs can't catch a break this year... Vandy isn't a pushover either, they've beat ranked teams this year and I personally witnessed a game in the late '90s where they whooped the Bulldogs between the Hedges. The Bulldogs seem to win when I post a vintage card though, so here's Bill Wade of the Commodores.

Bill Wade was born in Vanderbilt hospital and went on to star for the Commodores. He was a star quarterback for Vanderbilt and was taken #1 overall in the 1952 draft by the Rams. He played well for the Rams and was a pro bowler in 1958. George Allen was a coach for the Rams when Wade was playing and when he moved to the Bears, he convinced Coach Halas to trade for Wade. The trade worked and Wade led the Bears to the Championship in 1963.

Georgia v. Vandy shouldn't be a big game normally, but when they are ranked #9 and #22 it gets pretty big. After this we face LSU and Florida. Ugh! I'm going to cross my fingers and hope the vintage cards can ward off the losses for one more week.

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