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Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008 UD Masterpieces Fact Checking - Pack 2

I haven't done on of these in a while but I'm being hit with insomnia and I really want to make Night Owl's day night brighter, so I'm doing the fact check on my second pack of Masterpieces now instead of later.

Insomnia > procrastination.

#86 Carl Crawford

Now that's action! Great looking card of the Rays' vet. Now is the back as good as the front?

CLAIM: The outfielder from Texas
Verdict: TRUE. Born August 5, 1981 in Houston.
CLAIM: [has led] the American League in both stolen bases and triples during three of the past four seasons.
Verdict: TRUE. Led the American League in triples from 2004-2006 and led the league in stolen bases in 2004, 2006 and 2007.
CLAIM: When Crawford does something, it's almost always achieved with a tremendous amount of speed
Verdict: FALSE. Carl Crawford is a very considerate lover. So I've heard.

#65 Jorge Posada

This is one of the paintings with eerie ghostly faces in the crowd. I sure wish I knew who painted these things.

CLAIM: You can read all that up there, I don't want to type it all out
Verdict: ALL TRUE. .338 average, 4th best in the AL, first since Thurman, all correct. The Thurmon Munson line is almost verbatim in Wikipedia.

#4 Chipper Jones


CLAIM: It's difficult to pinpoint one facet of the game that Jones excels in because HE CAN DO IT ALL
Verdict: YA DAMN RIGHT!. Upper Deck knows exactly what they're talking about! I feel good about the next card.

#64 Robin Yount

oops. Well, they got Chipper right at least and that's what's important. I'll try to fact check the next pack before Halloween. UD's doing a little better though!


night owl said...

See? You post now and I'm the first one to comment. Although I have nothing to say. Hmmmmmm.

Thorzul said...

"Considerate lover."

Great job on making something so lascivious sound so respectable. Nice.