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Friday, October 10, 2008

Old Dirty Sox

Some even have holes in them. They don't stink though. Adam E. knows what to do, the rest of you out there sit back and enjoy some comfortable Sox. Yes, even the Rays fans. Your post will be up soon.

1951 Bowman

1955 Bowman

1952 Topps

1954 Topps

1956 Topps

1959 Topps


Danny said...

Isn't that coincidental that the day I post my '55 Bowman Ernie Banks, you post a couple from the same set?!?! Small world. Or, great minds think alike. (Although my mind may not be part of that classification!)

Mad Guru said...

I can't wait for the vintage Devil Rays cards!!! Quinton McCracken! Paul Sorrento! Rolando Arrojo! Oh yeah!!!

basjetball4you said...

I always want bowman and topps vintage cards.

Dave said...

Hey, still waiting for that Rays post :)