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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Masterpieces Blaster

You guys know what this stuff is like, I don't need to harp on it any longer. Here's a quick & dirty blaster break to pass away the time on a Tuesday night.

Pack 1
22 Kosuke Fukudome RC
98 Johnny Bench SP
77 Jake Peavy
63 Hideki Matsui

The SP showed up in the first pack. Maybe I should flip the resto of the packs and try another blaster.

Pack 2
43 Chin-Lung Hu RC
85 Chris Carpenter
YSL5381 Jim Leyritz with lovely roller mark
35 Magglio Ordonez
56 Jose Reyes

What is it with roller marks this year?? Upper Deck and Topps have been killing their cards all year long. And it seems it's only oin the inserts too for some reason.

Pack 3
71 Ryan Howard
23 Jim Thome
7 Evan Longoria RC
84 Jason Varitek

Longoria 'rookie' is nice... I have a 2006 card of him though so what is a rookie anymore?

Pack 4
86 Carl Crawford
65 Jorge Posada
70 Jimmy Rollins
42 Andruw Jones

World Series preview pack - J-Roll vs. Crawford.

Pack 5
57 Pedro Martinez
29 Troy Tulowitzki
28 Travis Hafner
14 Daisuke Matsuzaka

Ah, the cover girl. I'm pretty sick of Dice-K's face right now.

Pack 6
15 David Ortiz
58 Ian Kennedy RC framed #30/100
YSL5356 Don Mattingly
49 Harmon Killebrew
21 Derrek Lee

A definitely NOT boring Ian Kennedy framed card. (I learned my lesson). All the serial numbered cards I've pulled have used holo foil for the numbers. This frame is sort of brownish.

Pack 7
1 Brandon Webb
36 Miguel Cabrera
51 Justin Morneau
37 Hanley Ramirez

That runner is so out.

Pack 8
8 Jim Palmer
78 Barry Zito
9 Brooks Robinson
30 Matt Holliday

Finishing up with the Orioles HOFer pack. Kevin is jealous. Actually I just mailed Kevin the Brooks so not that jealous anymore.

Final Tally:
30 base cards - 33%
1 SP- Johnny Bench
1 Framed - Ian Kennedy
Two Tediums - Donnie Baseball and Roller Derby

Good box. Ater two blasters and a handful of loose packs I'm missing only 24 cards for the set. I've got a third blaster ready to rip, once I do so I'll be posting a trade list for this set.


Flash said...

You have any plans for that Yankee Tedium Donnie Baseball card?

Kevin said...

A Brooks Masterpiece? For me?

To quote that Momma Vulture from the old Bugs Bunny cartoon, "JOO are my HEEE-RRRROOO!"