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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random stuff out of the images folder

I want the Joba post off the top but am drawing a blank on what to write. Here's five random images I scanned and never used for anything, let's see how well I free associate.

It's weird, I have two of these Bowman Gold Parallel Heyward rookie prospect cards, and two of the chrome variety, but I don't have the base card. No, do not start mailing them to me, I'm just making an observation. Heyward might end up involved in a Jake Peavy trade anyway, All kinds of players' names are being thrown around like Escobar, Kelly Johnson and pretty much every decent prospect in the system. Trade 'em all for Jake, I say.

This BJ Upton mini '06 Bowman Heritage card was going to go into my Retro Rays post, but I decided to use Longoria's Bowman Heritage card instead. That set is kind of crappy looking, but the mini cards are fantastic. They look very similar to the original '49 Bowmans.

I haven't done a sticker post in ages, and I don't know when I'll do another, quite frankly. This Fleer sticker is from 1985 (I think - I'm sure I'll be corrected if not) and has a jersey instead of the usual logo or cap sticker. How fantastic is that? I think they only did one jersey per team, it would be sweet to have a sticker set with home and away unis. The really fantastic thing about this sticker is that Fleer used Phil Niekro's number - SuperAwesome. Knucksie was pitching for the Yankees when this card came out though.

Morten Anderson Rookie card. Raise your hand if he belongs in the Hall of Fame. So does Ray Guy, but the dillweed voters will never let him in, so nuke Canton. My self-imposed boycott on all things Falcon lasted five and a half games. Last weekend I ended up stuck in a situation where the game was on TV and I ended up watching the last half of the game. The Falcons looked pretty good (goal line stand baby!) and I have to admit now that the Matt Ryan Pick is not as disastrous as I thought. I'd still rather have an anchor on the D-Line for 10 years, but I'm not an NFL GM so ufck me. The game was going well, the Falcons had a 7 point week late in the game and then Jason Elam attempted a field goal to salt it away.

Brief aside here: 1) Jason Elam is a Falcon!??!!?! 2) Jason Elam is one of the best kickers in the league. 3) I looked for two hours for a damned Jason Elam card WHICH I KNOW I HAVE and couldn't find it.

Back to the story: So the field goal would basically put the Bears away, Elam is an elite kicker and of course, Elam blew it. So now there's a 6 point lead with very little time left and I knew in my guts that Chicago would march down the field for a touchdown. Which they did. Same old lousy Falcons. I watched this exact game about 50 times in the past 30 years. Stupid loser Falcons. All they needed was a makeable field goal from a good kicker and they still blew it. Now here's 11 seconds left and we're down by one. Rotten stinkbomb pathetic loser bloody Falcons. I shoulda threw a brick throw the TV screen when I first saw the game was on. Ok, let's have the clock run out and get the losing loserness over with. Then the Bears bungled the kickoff. Then Ryan threw a pass. Then Elam hit a field goal. Then the Falcons won. WHO IS THIS TEAM AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY CRAPPY FALCONS??

So yeah, now I'm the dumbass. I ditched my team and missed a pretty good start to the season. I'm still mad about the whole thing though, but I figured out a way to reconcile my loathing. In the fourth quarter Arthur Blank wandered out on the field as he usually does. At that moment as I was furiously flipping him the double bird, I realized that it's not the Falcons I hate, it's that goddamn stupid idiot moron meddling OWNER. So now, when I watch the Falcons game on TV next week I can cheerfully root for the Falcons, and then curse a blue streak and throw things at the screen in rage when that [insert disparaging epithet here] shows up on the sideline during the fourth quarter. Thanks Arthur! I can cheer for my team again! YOU JACKASS

This... is not a card. It's a coin. Little did you know that I used to collect coins! Well I did, and I got most of them at Northlake Stamp and Coin when I was a kid. That shop has been in the same spot in the mall for probably 20 years now and the same guy with frizzy hair is still there running the joint. I was meeting a freind over in Tucker a few months ago and while I waited for him to get off work I went back to check out the place. They also sell baseball cards and they have shelves full of old boxes way up on the top shelf of their cases. They also had a few packs, but no prices as far as I could tell. Nothing card wise caught my eye but I did see the old Bargain Box on the counter that was there that I dug through when I was 12. I can't just browse through something like that so I looked through every last coin in the box. After all that work, I couldn't just not get something, so I picked out this 1844 Large Cent for 11 bucks. It's a pretty good looking coin actually, the date is strong, most of the details are there and most importantly the LIBERTY on her crown is readable. The reason it was so cheap is that someone tried to drill the thing for some reason. It's a really nice coin and I think it's now the oldest thing in my collection. This ain't no little Lincoln penny either, the sucker is bigger than a quarter. So there you have it, an old penny. Now you all know that I am not just a collector, but a pathological packrat.


--David said...

LOL, this was great! I love random things like this. :-)

Motherscratcher said...

That's the oldest thing in your collection now? Don't you have any McCain cards?

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