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Friday, October 10, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Team set

Completed thanks to Steve K., who just traded me a bunch of stuff I needed. Now I'm ready for Heritage High series. Bring it on!

4 Mark Teixeira

40 Tim Hudson

and black back

131 Brandon Jones RC

165 Buddy Carlyle

165 Jeff Francoeur

212 Fence Busters
Hall of Fame edition

Future Hall of Fame edition

218 Rafael Soriano

307 Kelly Johnson

312 Tom Glavine

347 Chuck James

and black back

356 Yunel Escobar

362 Clint Sammons RC

419 Team Card

440 John Smoltz

and Variation

and Lew for the hell of it

425 Brian McCann

450 Chipper Jones SP

451 Josh Anderson SP

395 Brian McCann All Star

Current Braves in their former team's uniform:

139 Jeff Ridgway

320 Casey Kotchman

Braves who have already come and gone:

314 Mark Kotsay

Former Braves in their new team's uniform:

27 Greg Maddux

35 Adam LaRoche

36 Kenny Lofton

230 Andruw Jones

239 Edgar Renteria

318 Jarrod Saltalamacchia

359 Paul Byrd

407 Jermaine Dye

Annoying things that feature the Braves:

367 Troy Tulowitzki Triple Play

Relics and Inserts and Stuff

Eddie Mathews Flashback

Flashback Relic

John Smoltz Clubhouse Collection Relic

Andruw Jones Clubhouse Collection Relic

Smoltz/Fence Busters/Jones Ad Panel

A Couple of Buy Backs


Danny said...

That is an AWESOME collection. Where on earth did you get the Smoltz variation? Nice grab. I love some of your 1959 cards, too. The Aaron-Matthews card is too cool.

dayf said...

I've got all of 'em but the Jon Smoltz variation. That one I got frustrated by and swiped the image off the net. I'm tempted to print it out and glue it to a base card in protest of Topps' gimmicky ways.

Ben said...

I really like the Brian McCann card. Those are nice cards, but I don't like the Rookie Card logo they slapped on the Clint Sammons and Josh Anderson card. They should have made it a little less obtrusive, or at least redesigned it to fit the card a little better instead of using the same logo as the base set... oh well. Still nice lookin' cards.