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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Changes are coming

Agonizing, slow, glacier-like changes, but changes nonetheless. See, I changed the header! Isn't that nice? Here's the Lemmer background for it if you want it. I'd actually like to get this printed out on actual tangible objects and wrap Christmas presents in it or wallpaper my bathroom with it or put it on flannel and make a kilt out of it. Only worn in the traditional Scottish style, of course.

If have any specific requests or if there's anything you want to see/not see, yell at me in the comments. I know changes are coming, but I'm kinda flexible on what those changes might actually be. Or ignore this post completely and make me consider abandoning Blogger for Tumblr like all the cool kids are doing. I swear I'll do it! Eventually! Well at least once Tumblr becomes the new LiveJournal (or Blogger).


AdamE said...

I'm guessing requesting no ponies is out of the question right?

dayf said...

Feel free to ask for whatever you want, but you'll probably get better results asking for what you want to see rather than what you don't want to see.

Here's how my brain works: let's say AdamE tells me not to go into his shed. I will hear that and think "AdamE wants me to stay out of his shed". No problem, right?

Now it's two weeks later. I'm standing in front of AdamE's shed. A lot of stuff has happened recently and I'm easily distracted so when I try to remember what I was told about the shed, all I remember is "AdamE something something shed". I guess AdamE wants me to go in his shed? So in I go!

Anonymous said...

I can still see your Cookie ... I think!