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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday

I just announced major changes at the blog so my first post after that is finding something interesting on someone else's blog, getting an idea at 10pm, quickly rushing around to scan everything and getting a nice little caffeine buzz to help me write the post. So basically what I've been doing for years. Tonight we have a package from Captain Canuck.


So basically I told Canuck that I was way overdue in sending him cards so he was not to send me any more cards period I really mean it don't do it. So, he sent me this instead. Which honestly I liked better than cards. My daughter already has this coloring but but now I have one. Mine! All Mine! To color just the way I like! Yay! I think I shall color Cap'n Canook's favorite pone first:

Rainbow Brite. I feel ok with posting this package finally because the cards I've had put aside for Canuck are finally inside of a bubble mailer and ready to mail as soon as I fill out the customs form. With a little bit of luck (ie. if I don't sleep 'till 2pm tomorrow) I'll have it in the mail along with a few other packages. 

The other reason I feel compelled to post this is because apparently it's Dick Perez' birthday today! Happy Birthday Dick! I wish I could paint pictures of ballplayers half as good as Dick Perez. The reason this is at all relevant in a post about a pony coloring book is that Canuck very deviously snuck this card into the book in express disregard for my 'no cards' request. 

1982 Donruss Diamond King Phil Niekro autographed by Perez. Ok Canuck, you get a pass this time. Not much to say about this other than it's amazing. The '82 DK set is one of the best subsets ever made and here's my favorite Pre-Chipper Brave. Signed by the artist! This painting really speaks to me now that I'm trying to be an artist myself. One thing it says is: Cap logos are hard. Shoot, caps period are hard. I hate drawing caps. So this is a hell of a thing to sneak in a coloring book, eh? But wait there's more. 

Eeyup. Murphy too. In the grand pantheon of Braves cards going back over 130 years, this card right here might be in the top 10. If you know of 10 other Braves cards nicer looking than this one, I'd like to see 'em. And look at that cap! PERFECT. Oh hey, what's this here wedged in between the Fluttershy picture and the Pinkie Pie word search? 

OH HAI JOHN SMOLTZ. Yeah Canuck sent three of these signed cards. With another perfect cap! He really is the best Braves card blogger ever. I almost feel bad for bipping him wi- oh, um. Nevermind. No bipping in his package! Happy Birthday Dick and may Canuck's Man U win this week. (they'll win anyway but hey it's the thought that counts)


night owl said...

Wouldn't it be wild if it really wasn't Dick Perez's birthday?

Yes, caps are pain in ass to draw. And noses. God, I hate noses.

Jason T. Carter said...

My information comes from Facebook, and we all know that Facebook is always correct...right?

Captain Canuck said...

Just make it Rainbow Brite's birthday and call it a day.

Glad you liked the swag.

Anthony said...

My sisters used to love their "My Little Pony" horses/dolls.

That fact aside, nice blog.