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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Your regularly scheduled card post has been cancelled due to Hobbits


I'd forgotten how much I loved this series. Plus I have an irrational man-crush on Martin Freeman so I'm kinda agog about the whole Hobbit trilogy right now. I have my ticket in hand and will be heading to the theater shortly.

Three things I'm looking forward to seeing in this series:

1: Dent, Arthur Dent as Bilbo Baggins. I'm not kidding about my man-crush. I'm the only person I know who loves and will passionately defend the film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

2: Magneto as Gandalf. Ok so it's Gandalf as Gandalf as Richard the 3rd as Magneto as Gandalf. I'll pretty much watch anything with Sir Ian in it.

3: DWARF MADNESS OVERLOAD. I'm sure Peter Jackson will do a good job with the dwarf antics, but this is my personal vision for the trilogy in sketchy cartoon format:

This post isn't completely devoid of cards, here's a complete 2006 Topps Lord of the Rings Masterpieces set that you'll be seeing more of soon.

I haven't seen any Hobbit cards out yet. I'm sure they'll show up eventually. In the meantime here's my one and only bit of official Hobbit merchandise in my collection: a HeroClix figure of Gandalf.

With his trusty steed, Rarifax, of course.

(you thought you would get a short Hobbit break from ponies, didn't ya. LOLNOPE)


AdamE said...

Ever see that old Saturday morning cartoon Gummi Bears? When I read the Hobbit that is how I picture the dwarves.

Crackin Wax said...

I went to a High Frame Rate 3D screening of it. The 3D was the best I had ever seen. The High Frame Rate made the real stuff look much more real, but it also made the fake stuff look WAY more fake. I also felt the story felt far too stretched. I'm just hoping P.J. isn't doing to The Hobbit what Lucas did with his Prequels.