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Monday, December 10, 2012

Joy of a completed set - 2012 MLP Pink Series Blindbags

My first completed set in 2012 and it's of cards inserted as an afterthought in packages containing figurines of tiny horses.

Actually it's not my first completed set of 2012. I've completed several older sets this year. It's not even a 2012 product as these My Little Pony bindbags were being sold in 2011. But I didn't really start buying the things until this year so that counts for something, right?

I have the complete set of cards but not the complete set of ponies. The last card came in a package from Flywheels that luckily had the only one I was missing from the set. I'm not telling you which one it is because I really really don't need the pony. I have enough of these little ponies on my desk right now to start my own ranch. Maybe I'll enter Applejack in the Kentucky Derby. Here's the whole set, paged out and scanned.

THE BIG SIX and three others. Note the main characters get their own font for their names. Everypony else gets the default MLP font. Also note that some of the ponies look exactly like the others, just with different colors. Get used to it.

Backs have a small write up, the card number, the cutie mark and a small picture of the pony. In later series, all this stuff is on the front of the card.

POD PONIES. Hasbro really likes using the recolored stock images for their toys. You see this stuff on their larger brushable toys all the time. It's kinda unsettling when you see it like this though.

The writeup for the random ponies isn't as in depth as the main characters. Roseluck is the only one on this page that's actually been seen on the show as far as I recall. Might be wrong though.

Firecracker Burst pyro pony is easily my favorite second-tier character in this set. At least until I take my extra Lily Blossom and attack it with acrylic paint and turn her into Derpy. Pegasi got the shaft in this set now that I've been able to look at it all together like this. There are only five in the whole set and two of those are Rainbow Dash.

The "Special Edition!" sparkly ponies aren't rare or anything. No inserts in this set! They're just clear with sparkly glitter sprayed on that comes off in your hand if you play with them too much. Ot hold them at all. Or breathe while in the same room as the figure. Hasbro made a WHOLE SET of the glittery ones too, one that you will see eventually assuming I can finally track down the past card for that set.

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