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Monday, December 17, 2012

Joy of a Complete Set: 2006 Topps Lord of the Rings Masterpieces

HOBBITS! I've seen The Hobbit twice already and I'm going to go see it a third time with my son soon and then I want to see it a fourth time and then maybe I'll skip right over the fifth and sixth times seeing it and go straight to the seventh. Not sure how I'll actually do that but it'll probably involve magic. I haven't seen any Hobbit cards floating around yet but I'm sure they'll turn up sooner or later. In the meantime there's a whole slopton of Lord of the Rings cards floating around out there and here's one set I managed to pick up a few years ago. Wal-Mart sold plastic 200-card cases filled with packs for $9.99 a while back and there were a few non-sports issues in some of the cases. I managed to find one with LOTR cards in them, probably a retail box worth of packs. There were several different sets offered but the only other one I remember is a Topps 9/11 set that I considered but passed on. Had to get me a cheap box of Hobbits though. Here's the complete set of 90 paged out for your card gawking enjoyment.

One thing that impressed me about this set apart from the artwork is how well it was designed. most of the subsets such as portraits, costume design and cartoons were checklisted out so they would all be on the same page. Very thoughtful of the product designer on that one, I've seen a lot of sets that look really awkward in pages. This one looks great. I don't have complete sets of the inserts, but here's a page worth:

The etched foil set comes together to make a puzzle of the one ring. I'm still missing three but you can kind of see where it's going. The ghostly foil cards ended up scanning much better than expected.

I've got enough complete non-sports set to post one a week for a couple months at least. Any requests for next week? Monsters, movies, ponies?


Scott Sawyer said...

Pretty set. I have never understood 10 card subsets when card pages have 9 slots.

Captain Canuck said...


I'll take movies for $200 please Alex.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I thought the Hobbit was really well done. There are some interesting differences from the book, though - they went more with the tone from LOTR than the lighter tone that Tolkien's book actually had. Overall, great movie though - and cool how they filled in some gaps that aren't there for the book.

Arno said...

Very cool.

carlsonjok said...

Slopton? Don't you mean a whole Hobbiton? Ba dum tish!