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Friday, December 28, 2012

ok I feel better now

I think I have to threaten to quit the blog every few months in order to feel good about posting stuff to it. Psyching myself out, so to speak. Maybe I'm just deranged. Have some Ponies!

There's a reason for the juxtaposition of these two cards but I'll keep quiet because [spoilers]. In other news, the Star Series Blindbags finally got stocked at Wal-Mart. yay.


FanOfReds said...

Who needs baseball cards to blog about when we've got ponies and LEGOs?! I got a LEGO dino set for Christmas that I'll be reviewing soon...it's probably the beginning of LEGO overload for me.

night owl said...

Ponies and Legos??????

TOPPS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

dayf said...

@ Night Owl.

Topps done goofed.

Just WAIT... there are worse things out there than Ponies and LEGOs and once I get my collection in order muahahaha

Doc said...

You can't quit! Your blog, along with Night Owl's are two major reasons why I came back (with a vengeance...evil laugh).

No quitting!