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Sunday, August 19, 2007

2008 Allen & Ginter Checklist Suggestions

Poor Ben Henry finally broke down and succumbed to the goodness that is 2007 Allen & Ginter. His box review is much better - and funnier - than mine, mainly because he's not a drooling slobbering fanboy throughout. He actually has the guts to call the Alex Rodriguez mirror card the "A-Rod Home Run Bullshit Waste of Space", which is exactly what it is. And he's actually worked with Topps before. If Topps came to me asking for advice on a set I'd be such a sycophantic douche (think a cross between Grima Wormtongue and Comic Book Guy) I'd probably have one of those crappy ARods tattooed to my ass if they asked me to. At the end of his post, Ben suggested some cards for 2008 he'd like to see, assuming there is a 2008 set. And really, if Topps is going to drag out Turkey Red for one more year, why not?

This got Chris Harris of Stale Gum thinking who he'd like to see in a hypothetical 2008 set, so he posted his list. It's a very good list too. Fred Merkle's Boner, Shaun White, Hunter S. Thompson and Machu Picchu would all make great trading cards. The idea of putting Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly on a dual auto card is is pure genius. Then Chris asked is anyone had any suggestions... Of course that set me off and about 5 hours later I not only have a list of suggestions but a few mock ups as well. If anyone from Topps is reading, feel free to steal any of these ideas. If you want to hire me on as a consultant, that would be great too, just give me time to make an appointment at the local tattoo parlor.

Seconded on Buck 'O'Neill
Willard Brown
Nino Escalera
John Irvin Kennedy - The first black player to play for the Philadelphia Phillies (the last NL team to integrate by the way) yet does not have a single baseball card to my knowledge.
Rube Foster
Bud Fowler
Fleetwood Walker
Welday Walker
Harry Wright
George Wright
Rube Waddell
Jim Bouton
Branch Rickey
Don Mossi
Oscar Gamble
Bow Wow Arft
Van Lingle Mungo
Sibbi Sisti
Pumpsie Green
Creepy Crespi
Casey Stengel
Yogi Berra (every set produced should have Yogi)
Roy Hobbs
Sidd Finch
Joe Schlabotnik
Eddie Gaedel
Moonlight Graham
Benny Bengough
Dave 'Soup' Campbell
Dave Campbell - 1977-78 Braves

Pele - if you don't know who this is, then you're an American. If you do know who this is, and you're an American, the NSA would like to have a word with you.
Richard Petty
Willie O'Ree
Happy Feller
Bobby Jones
Artis Gilmore
Sam Snead
Johnny Unitas
Jack Nicklaus
Peggy Fleming
Johnathan Wendel
Brandi Chastain
Jamie Hyneman's Blendo - BattleBots is a legitimate sport. Adam Savage is on the top of my 2009 A&G set wish list. Kari Byron is the only person in my proposed 2010 A&G set, which will have 4,872 cards plus parallels and relics. Scottie Chapman can be in the set too if she wants. Tory Belleci cannot be in the set, but we'll use a screencap of his bike jump over a wagon as the package art. Grant Imahara gets a card maybe around 2027.
Connie Hawkins
Bobby Orr
Garry Kasparov
Deep Blue
Jerry Rice
Brian Lara
Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Jim Thorpe
Wilt Chamberlain
Mark Spitz
The female pole vaulter whose picture is all over the internet
Venus and Serena Williams
Crystl Bustos
Dave Campbell - founder of Texas Football Magazine

Historical Figures
Emperor Norton - Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico, 1859-1880. Dissolved Congress, abolished the Democratic and Republican parties, called for the creation of a League of Nations and ordered the building of a bridge and tunnel connecting Oakland and San Francisco. A great visionary and patriot.
Nikolai Tesla
Bert Randolph Sugar
Frank Zappa
Damon Runyan
Lenny Bruce
Harry Houdini
Kurt Vonnegut
Charles Schulz
Stephen Hawking
Malaclypse the Younger
Bill Hicks
Groucho Marx
Chico Marx
Harpo Marx
Not Zeppo Marx - no card for you
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur C. Clarke
Buckminster Fuller
Jules Verne
Nellie Bly
Fusajiro Yamauchi
Ernest Thayer
DeWolf Hopper
Charlie Chaplin
Edward D. Wood
Malcom X
Guy Fawkes
Aleister Crowley
Dave Campbell - Oscar Winning sound re-recording mixer

Monuments, etc.
Elysian Fields
Polo Grounds
Ebbets Field
Notre Dame Cathedral
Sydney Opera House
The Globe Theater
The Big Chicken - everywhere in Atlanta is either on Peachtree Street, or is a mile from The Big Chicken. Look it up.
Nazca Lines
The Hindenburg

Special unannounced insert set 1:
WOF-1 Lou Costello
WOF-2 Bud Abbott
WOF-3 Who - First Base
WOF-4 What - Second Base
WOF-5 I Don't Know - Third Base
WOF-6 Why - Left Field
WOF-7 Because - Center Field
WOF-8 Tomorrow - Pitcher
WOF-9 Today - Catcher
WOF-10 I Don't Give A Darn - Shortstop

Special unannounced insert set 2:
TS-1 Harry Moses Horwitz
TS-2 Louis Feinberg
TS-3 Jerome Lester Horwitz
TS-4 Samuel Horwitz
TS-5 Joe Besser
TS-6 Joseph Wardell
TS-7 Emil Sitka


Chris Harris said...

Brandi Chastain was in last year's TA&G.

And if you're going to have the Cathedral of Notre Dame, you should also have Notre Dame's "Touchdown Jesus."

Unknown said...

Seconded/Thirded or whatever on Kari Byron and Scottie Chapman. They're in the top 5 entries in the "why I want a job on Mythbusters list". (Blowing up **** is competing for the top position)

dayf said...

Chris Harris said... "you should also have Notre Dame's "Touchdown Jesus."

shhhh... that's an unannounced variation card

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Not a big fan of A&G, but I like your choices and your prototype cards.

More Mythbusters, our generation's Mister Wizards.

Unknown said...

For Christs Sake I think you guys were born in caves! We need a lebowski or two.



Unknown said...

Sorry this should be better.



punch it into your address bar.

dayf said...

Ed said...

For Christs Sake I think you guys were born in caves! We need a lebowski or two.

You're out of your league Donnie, er, Eddie... check one post up.

(by the way, your Sobchack card is awesome)

Anonymous said...

Really funny idea and good job on the examples so far, i got a suggestion too, if i may:

Napoleon Dynamite

or better yet

A Napoleon Dynamite/Uncle Rico Dual AU/GU (Napoleon on a sheet of notebookpaper and Uncle Rico on a Football)

Just my 2 cents :)

May Jah be with you all. Cheers !

Anonymous said...

"The female pole vaulter whose picture is all over the internet"

Allison Stokke is her name. Good choice my friend. Lets hope the peopel who request this are young as i am for she is only 19

jv said...

I know this is an old post but I found it on a Google Search. This has to be in my top 3 favorite blog posts ANYWHERE of all time... Especially the Abbott and Costello insert set. I think I actually really like to see that. Great Post!

Max said...

I like the Blendo card. I miss Battlebots, lol.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I've been reading your blog for about 4 months. I keep coming back ...

I have to comment on your choice of A&G (that were never made).

I like so many of your choices - and as a collector of vintage soccer cards, I would gladly (or begrudgingly) give my right "anything" to have that mock up PELE card produced. (I grew up watching PELE and Cal Ripkin and NHL hockey)

I love your 3 Stooges idea and the inclusion of the Hindenburg airship, the former Boston Bruins - Bobby Orr and Willie O'Ree. Although I would love to see Candians great Ken Dryden in the set.

FYI - I was born in the USA and I am an American. I know you were kidding :)