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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some Long Overdue Links of the Week

Ok, the links post is really late, but I haven't had a whole lot of time to actually look at other people's blogs lately. I'm still trying to get packages together and procrastinating from doing that has taken all my time lately. So here's some blogs you might want to check out and some (kinda) recent posts that caught my eye enough to save the URL.

First though, the Second Blog Bat Around topic is up. I'm lucky enough that my post is already halfway written. If you want to participate, you know what to do. The last one was fantastic, so le'ts make this one just as good.

Also, be sure to vote for Stale Gum's 2008 Gummie Awards.

Now for the blogs:

87 Donruss

My favorite Donruss set now has its own blog!

MLB Collector

Cards and horror movies, me likey.

Darryl Strawberry Fields

The title of this blog cracks me up every time I see it.


Not a blog per se, but it's Murph! Plus there's a gallery for you Murph fans who want eye candy.


This... is about shoes. Just shoes. I don't know why I'm linking it on a card blog either, but they asked nicely, so what the hell.

Seriously, I've only been reading a fraction of the posts lately because I'm just too busy. If your blog/post isn't here don't feel bad, I probably just missed it.

REALLY REALLY WANT. In other news, it's snowing at Hand Collated.

Goose Joak creates a cool 1990 Upper Deck Chipper Jones card. PunkRockPaint and Steve have been busy also.

Dinged Corners does some Prognostication.

Kimaloo picks out a Goudey blaster with a completely insane pack within.

A brief but welcome Cincinnati Reds Cards sighting.

One last link before I go back to stuffing bubble mailers...

I will never again feel bad at buying some completely useless and ridiculous cards that I don't need at the flea market. Never.
Note: I am not saying that useless and ridiculous cards are a bad thing. I'm the guy who bought these horrible cards, remember?

One last thing... what the heck happened to Cardboard Addiction? There was a good Greg Maddux post I wanted to link to, but the whole blog has vanished.


Captain Canuck said...

I dunno... Joe was there last night. I wrote about him on Waxaholic, and then he wrote a contest post and I signed up.... today *poof* El Gono..

I hope it's just a Firefox glitch.
I hate Firefox, have I mentioned that? I need a techie...
wow. did this comment do a 180...

Captain Canuck said...

I just emailed Joe, so when/if I hear anything, I'll post it...

Wax Heaven said...

Dang, he's like the only boxing fan in the Blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm confused on your take on the Michael Jackson cards I posted in my blog. Was that a slam against buying the box?

dayf said...

Oh, absolutely not... On the contrary, you've practically given me a blank check to pick up any crazy non-sport boxes I see now because I know that I'm not the only one who'd get a kick out of a box of Michael Jackson cards. I can only dream about finding something as awesome as that for five bucks.

Eric Stephen said...

Thanks so much for the link! Dayf, I must say that earlier in 2008, when I decided to end my 15 year absence from card collecting, I stumbled across this blog (Stale Gum was the other must read). It has provided a wealth of information, and reminded me of how fun card collecting is and how easily the joy of youth can be recaptured.

Wax Heaven said...

Joe is fine, just needed a break. It's understandable. He will be missed, though.