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Friday, December 19, 2008

Fake Tony Gwynn Contest Entries

We had four entries into the Eric Chavez Relic contest, time to judge the contestants.

You guys go vote for the best over on the poll while I start divvying out points.

Matt F:

1971 Tony the Hutt

Design: 1971 Topps is a great year for cards. I especially love the worn corners. 8 Points
Image: Props for the MS Paint, but the original Jabba image is kind of hard to make out. Should have kept it in color. 3 points
Creativity: Really creative, but did ya have to bust on poor Tony?? So he's a little chunky, it's not like he's Mike Tyson! 9 points - 2 for hurting Tony's feelings. 7 points
Craftsmanship: It's spelled Hutt. Unless you were going for Pizza the Hut. Can't do that with a Star Wars geek and get away with it, I just got this book for my birthday. 2 Points

TOTAL: 20 Points


1975/1983 hybrid

Design: This appears to be a combination of the 1983 design with the 1975 two colored borders. Or it could be the 1963 design with a brown border. All are excellent sets. 7 points
Image: Two photos, which is good. The card has an '80's bootleg feel to it though. 5 Points
Creativity: I'm not sure how to judge this since I can't tell if it's supposed to be 1963 Topps or not. The card was all hand made, so I'll give the benefit of the doubt. 7 points
Craftsmanship: Gotta love the blocky MSPaint utilization. 6 Points

TOTAL: 25 Points


1972 acid trip

Design: 1972 Topps is my favorite '70s design by far and I love the hippie font for Gwynn's name. 10 points
Image: All I have to say is Holy Crap. 8 points
Creativity: Just... wow. Look at all that! The Silver Slugger bats and tiny dancing Gwynns are awe inspiring. 10 points
Craftsmanship: A lot of work went into that card. 8 Points

TOTAL: 36 Points


Pro Set Tony Claus

Design: I know the card is seasonal, but 1990 Pro (or Prp, or Prop) Set just can't compete with Vintage Topps. 5 Points
Image: The look on Tony's face is priceless. The elf is pretty good too. 8 Points
Creativity: I never would have thought of Tony Gwynn as Santa Claus. Another fat joke perhaps? The blatant pandering with the Chipper cards is also appreciated. 9 points
Craftsmanship: There's a lot of intricate work on this card with no glitches that I can see. Tony even left me a present! 10 Points

TOTAL: 32 Points

Ok guys, here's the standings going into the voting round.

tastelikedirt: 36 points
PunkRockPaint: 32 points
Chuck: 25 points
Matt: 20 points

I think I have everyone's address, but send it again with your Chavez card preference just in case. Everyone entered is added to the Xmas giveaway list anyway so you'll be getting something.

Everyone, go vote for your favorite! And no cheating... Santa's watching the IP logs.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That one by PunkRockPaint is awesome!


Not PunkRockPaint

PunkRockPaint said...

For the record, my card is not "Pro Set" it is "PRP Set"

Totally different!

Oh, a friend of mine wanted me to pass on this message:

"Wow! That one by PunkRockPaint is awesome!


Not PunkRockPaint"

darkship said...

I like PunkRock's design

Anonymous said...

I like the Tony Claus card best; it gave me the biggest smile.

Captain Canuck said...

Wow! That one by PunkRockPaint is awesome!


Not PunkRockPaint

okay, I was swayed by subliminal messages and his love for Canada...

Ken Peterson said...

Tony Gwynn as Santa is a classic. I love the detail. It deserves extra points for originality.

Spiff said...

Gotta go with Taste Like Dirt's entry. Makes it extra poignant with Dock Ellis' recent passing.