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Friday, June 11, 2010

I am now a fan

Anyone who gets booed like Chipper Jones in the heart of Mets country is all right with me. Her music is delightlfully cheesy pop too. Yes, I'm not so cynical that I can't enjoy cheesy power pop. I still have a cassette of Thriller in my car somewhere.

What Mets fans don't understand is that bird wasn't meant for them. That finger is  going straight to Madonna, whose shtick Ms. Gaga just stole right out from under her. Goodness gracious what the hell is going on in Alejandro. That thing is like three Madonna videos, a Russ Meyer film and some mescaline thrown in a blender, garnished with cilantro and served as a cocktail at fashion week. Bullet bra now has a whole new meaning.

yes i've been drinking just a smidge why do you ask

apologies to night owl who will probably be the first to see this and will no doubt be horrified


night owl said...


Good god.


I won't have what you're drinking.

Unknown said...

I can't follow you on the Gaga thing. Too far out there for me.

But to each their own - I myself used to have the most extensive Boyz II Men album collection around, so...

Dennis said...

I like Lady Gaga.

Her performances are completely bizarre but also pretty interesting & great.

Thumbs up.

SpastikMooss said...

Alejandro, ALejandro,
Ale-Ale-Jandro, Ale-Ale-Jandro

I couldn't agree with you more on all of these points. Especially your take on the Alejandro video...spot on good sir.

Orioles Magic said...

I do not understand a thing that she does or what anything in that video was supposed to signify.

dayf said...

Me neither! Isn't it cool!

DISCLAIMER: I watch David Lynch movies for fun.