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Friday, May 6, 2011

Joy of a Completed Page - 2011 Heritage

First page completed in my 2011 Heritage binder. The Sinkbiel that filled the last empty pocket came out of one of those Value Boxes that everyone's been hyping to death. While you all are getting good stuff out of your boxes mine was a complete pile of garbage. Nothing good in the Topps packs. All base cards in both Heritage packs, no SPs or inserts. The three codes I got netted a '67 card of a nobody and two junkwax crappers. Even the Collector's guide was screwed up as the middle page wasn't stapled in the book and was just hanging loose. The refractor was Mantle of course. Bluh. This page and that lone '67 card were the only good things to come out of that mess. It's a good thing I completed a page now, because I'm not going to be acquiring much more Heritage now that GQ is out.


Unknown said...

Hey, just dropping you a line here on your latest post - if you had extras from the Decipher Star Wars sets, I'd be interested in making a deal for them.

Maybe we could work something out.

Trey J. said...

Hey new to your blog but it keeps me entertained so I'm a regular reader now. If you have a list of your 2011 Heritage needs you can email them to me or whatever and I'll see if I have any. I've got a stack of them and im not collecting the set. Thj0011@gmail.com