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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Transmogrified into being: 1973-1980

I'm just about at the point where I'm going to give up on the Transmogrifier Mark 2. I should have not been greedy and taken the offer with the J-Hey card in it for my Strasburg. I'm not buying any more packs now that I have the Diamond Factory set so no more codes for me. I can't even get into the site unless I'm surfing in incognito mode for some reason. I open the site in Chrome and I get the Be Back Soon message. Incognito, I can log right in. Methinks it's time to do some maintenance on the ol' laptop tonight.

I waited until the last possible minute to have my stuff shipped last year and I'll probably do the same this year. I still haven't shown off all the cards I redeemed from 2010, so let's get that out of the way before getting some new cards shipped. The original plan was to show these off individually with condition commentary on each, but that went out the window six months ago. Time to post 'em and move on with our lives.

I might have redeemed this one even if I didn't already need it. Behold the exquisite brilliance of this card.
Astros Orange Rainbow uni - check
'70s hair with sideburns - check
Flapless catcher batting helmet - check
Blue sky with fluffy clouds - check
Bonus unshaved chin - check
Epic 'stache - check.

One of these days I have got to complete this set. I'm not even close right now. Maybe if I took all the money I blow ripping Topps packs trying to pull code cards I would be able to buy a complete set or five. 

I redeemed all the Braves in my collection whether I needed them or not so they wouldn't be lost in the Aether forever. That ain't happenin' this year. I'm half tempted to offer up everything in my portfolio for a '87 Wade Boggs just so I can abandon it. 

Mexican League stats on the back! Gotta love that. This card wasn't in bad shape if I remember correctly. 

La Grande Orange! 1980 Topps is another set I just need to buy outright and quit fussing around with trying to pick up commons here and there. Along with 1981 Topps. And 2012 Topps. 

Colt .45's in the stat lines! Fantastic. I can't believe the Colt .45s are going to be an American League team. So, here are Bud Selig's accomplishments as commissioner in summary:
  • Turning an interim Commish job into a two decade gig - Nice one
  • Cancelling the World Series - Bad
  • Restoring goodwill with the fans after the cancellation - Good
  • Doing so by ignoring players getting juiced to the gills inside brand new ballparks with little league dimensions - Bad
  • Allowing hallowed records to get ruined in the process - Really Bad
  • Letting Congress browbeat you into cleaning up the sport when they had better shit to do - Bad
  • Taking it too far with this HGH testing crap - Bad
  • Wild Card - Good
  • Expanding the Wild Card to two teams one year too late - $@%#!!
  • Screwing up the All Star game - Ppppphhhbbbbbttt
  • Interleague Play - Good
  • Effed up unbalanced schedules thanks to Interleague Play - Bad
  • Playing musical Leagues with franchises to position the Brewers in the NL because you're still sore the Braves moved to Atlanta - Eff Ewe, Bud

Fun fact - Barry Bonnell introduced Dale Murphy to Mormonism. If the Hall of Fame won't take Murph, maybe Romney will pick him as his running mate. It'd be better than the last one they picked, that's for damn sure...

Omigosh, is this Barry's rookie card? Hey, he was drafted by the Phillies! I'M LEARNING SO MUCH TODAY!

This one might be better than the Ferguson. 
Horrible red uni with no name on the back- check
'70s hair with sideburns - check
Flapless catcher batting helmet - check
Sea of abandoned stands - check
Glasses! - check
No 'stache. - You were so close, Joe.

Memphis was in the Texas League? Ok, sounds good to me. I wonder who we traded to the Mets for ol' Joe. I'm too lazy to look it up on B-R. You guys do it and report back.

ROWLAND OFFICE ROOKIE CARD!!!!! I need to get on the Diamond site and trade for a couple dozen more of these. 

Red and green back remind me how angry it has made me to see Christmas crap in every single store for the past month. Since before Halloween! Some places before Labor Day!

Best glasses on a baseball card ever. With all respect to Lowell Palmer. I have to get new glasses before the end of the year before my bennies expire, and I'd really like to get a pair like this. They would need to come with a free apartment though because I would get kicked out of the house. Might be worth it. 

"Jim is backup 1st baseman to Hank Aaron"



Mariner1 said...

Looks like Nolan was exchanged for little used infielder Leo Foster. I guess the Braves for the better end of that deal.

night owl said...

Just 10 minutes ago I managed to work my first trade on the Giveaway site in 2 months, but it was acting WEIRD.

Offy said...

Try either a hard refresh of the website or empty your cache and see what happens. I had to do that in Chrome, the hard refresh, in order to get the site up and running for me, but now it is flying along at record speeds.

Have any older Red Sox cards still in your portfolio? I think I may have some older Braves that no one wants to take in exchange for a Red Sox die cut. I'm having a harder time getting Yaz, Youk and Beckett while offering better cards than I did getting Ortiz, Lester and Buchholz. I can't figure this site out.