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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Choose my book

When the Bravos got eliminated from the playoffs, I put up a poll asking you all what I should do until baseball kicks up again next year. The winner with 9 votes (I get 2000 hits a week and only 32 of you bother to vote?) was Catch up on some books. For November I shall heed your advice and try to read a book or two in between work, family and drawing ponies. I can't do Movember because I already have a full beard and I have too many other hobbies at the moment to write a novel so NaNoWriMo is out. Reading a novel (or equivalent non-fiction book) will work. I've got a list of 10 books I've wanted to read or been meaning to read or started reading but gave up for some reason and I want you all to pick the book for me because I had a hard enough time narrowing the list down to ten.

Poll's on the side - here's what I got.

Generation X - Douglas Coupland. 

I've had this book for over 15 years and while I've skimmed some passages and cartoons I've never got around to reading the damn thing. I regret not reading this thing in the '90s, just so I could re-read it now and see how ridiculous it seems 20 years later.

George Carlin - Last Words

George is one of my Heroes with a Capital Aich, and I picked up this book in the bargain bin early this year. Autobiographies of Frank Zappa and Lenny Bruce are two of my favorite books, so George could end up joining them on the Good shelf.

Philip K. Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I've read a bunch of Dick already (heh) but I haven't gotten around to this one yet. The one drawback: I've got this version, which I think is the first paperback edition. I'm kinda scared to read it.

R. Buckminster Fuller - Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth

I saved this from the discard pile at the bookstore I worked at in College and never got around to reading it. Science! Plus Buckminster Fuller is an awesome name.

Joystick Nation - JC Herz

What can I say? I grew up with Old School video games. I like them.

We Could've Finished Last Without You - Bob Hope

Gotta have one Baseball book on the list. A memoir of the Atlanta Braves by their promotions director back when they were the worst team in baseball.

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

Kinda embarrassed I haven't read this all the way through yet. I've tried a couple of times and put it down for some reason or another. I have a theory that you don't come across a work of art or writing or music until you're ready for it and if you try to force it, it won't work. Maybe I'm ready now?

The Crying of Lot 49 - Thomas Pynchon

Another book that's been following me around since college. Me likey crazy conspiracy. I also need to read the Illuminatus! Trilogy one of these days...

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson

I've read a bunch of his essays and watched the films, but I've never read one of his books. This is the only book on the list I don't actually have in my possession, so if you have a better suggestion for one of his books to read let me know.

Bluebeard - Kurt Vonnegut

One of the few books of Kurt's I haven't read. Kurt is my favorite author so it will get read eventually.

Choose wisely and choose all the books you think I should read. I don't want 32 votes for 33 books. Your choice will actually be the second book I read this month, as this came in the mail today.

I'm a big fan of Julia Wertz' comics and since I have a couple of Barnes & Nobles gift certificates I decided to  support some of my favorite artists.


Mark Aubrey said...

Fear and Loathing. A must read. Actually, if they ever get around to filming a movie about Mr. Thompson, I could see you in the leading role.

Casey said...

As a librarian, I recommend The Crying of Lot 49, but you really can't go wrong with any of those titles.

Hackenbush said...

I'll say Bluebeard since I'm coincidentally in the middle of Timequake. I've had a hardcover copy on my shelf for years and finally decided to read it this week. I love that about books. Other than the rare copy that falls apart, books don't spoil.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to go with Copeland, skip Generation X and head right for Microserfs. Both are old, but I'd argue Microserfs holds up better.

Otherwise, go with Buckminster Fuller. You can't go wrong with science. I mean, the guy has an element named after him.

Dayfium (Df) - Exceptionally strong metal, bonds well with others, a rare earth element.

Doc said...

Steinbeck's Travels with Charley.

It's not on the list, but I consider it a must read, especially in light of the grade-A cluster $%#@ we're in.

Greg Zakwin said...

I'm going off-list as well and saying "The Devil In The White City". One of my all-time favorites.

cynicalbuddha said...

I've voted but since everybodies making suggestions how about Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates by Tom Robbins. It'll make you giggle and maybe pee your pants a little.

Hackenbush said...

Since we're going off the list, I'll second the cynnicalbuddha and say that or any Tom Robbins book. If you're a Vonnegut fan you'd probably like Robbins (assuming you haven't already discovered him).

Dhoff said...

Oh man, you've got to read The Crying of Lot 49. It's so funny and weird and awesome. And it's easy Pynchon, if you can believe that. But you can never go wrong with Mr. Vonnegut.

But here's something else, not that you need another rec: George Saunders' Pastoralia or Civilwarland in Bad Decline. Saunders is the most fun you can have reading. Just fucking hilarious satire, but touching, too, very human.

Happy reading, man.

dayf said...

Mark: While I'd love to play Duke in a film, I'm a little fatter than Johnny Depp... ;)

Drop the Gloves: If I may ask, how exactly did you become a librarian? I ask because every time work comes up at a family gathering my mom and uncle start pushing me to go back to school and get a library sciences degree.

Hackenbush: Vonnegut is Da Man.

Thorzul: I forgot I also had a copy of Microserfs I got out of the bargain Bin at Borders!

Doc: oooh, that's one of those bucks I've been hearing about but never found in my travels. I may have to check the library for that.

Greg/Cynical/Hackenbush/Dhoff: Googling now. Thanks for the suggestions!

ALSO: I fucked up the poll. Gonna make a new one tonight. Oopsie!

Dinged Corners said...

Df, This is so irritating--I'm going to mention one more. I can't help it because this one is fresh on my mind. It's a nonfiction book for after you finish reading the winning novel.

When I get a break from hikes and tours to work in the visitor center at our park, I often recommend Empire of the Summer Moon; many people buy it; they all end up converts. If you have any interest in the settling of the west and the unvarnished truth about what various indigenous and conquering groups did to one another, you will love that book. Also I think it got nominated for a Pulitzer.

Sascards67 said...

Here's something else you can fill your time with:

A My Little Pony game will be out soon.