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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Nightmare Night!

Time to go out and get some candy! But don't let Nightmare Moon get you!

Better dress up in a costume to fool her!

Maybe Batmare or Harrison Foal! I dressed up as a middle age guy trying to keep up with his daughter as she cut through people's yards. I was apparently too pathetic for Nightmare Moon to gobble up.

But make sure you get the candy!!!

And try to get there before Pinkie does! It's a miracle that there's any candy left in the whole town...

And if Pinkie gets there first and there's no more candy? Well, it's time for some tricks, see...

BUT NO TRICKING PRINCESS LUNA. She's nice now and this holiday always makes her a little edgy. Remember, she's as powerful as her sister and she'll send yo ass to the Sun if you aren't careful.

Also, don't bother going to Fluttershy's house. She does NOT like Nightmare night and she does not have any candy. After that assertiveness seminar she took, she'll also kick you in the face if you cross her. She likes Dia de los Muertos though, so invite her over tomorrow for a sugar skull.

Have fun on Nightmare Night everyone!

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