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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I skipped over the whole Voyager series so I have no idea who or what this is

Hey I like spinach... I like pears...

This... I uh... I ... um. eeeeeeccccchhhh

And yes, the scratch and sniff still kinda works.

No you don't wanna sniff it


Captain Canuck said...

that is Kes. Kes is/was Neelix's girliefriend. Neelix is that guy from Benson. No. Not Odo. The other guy from Benson.

Fuji said...

Scratch n' Sniff cards? Pure awesomeness. I remember collecting all of the scratch n' sniff stickers my teachers gave me when I was a kid. Knowing they have cards with them takes it to another level. Btw... I'm thinking that this drink might actually be pretty decent.